10 fashion bloggers who are changing dress style of 2019!

On Instagram, She Goes by: @negin_mirsalehi Her Style Is: Never without a touch of sex appeal. In 2019, She’s: Working on her range of hair oil, Gisou, and celebrating her accomplishment β€” she was just named Revolve’s 2018 Influencer of the Year.

Her Style Is: A touch bohemian, a touch retro. In 2019, She’s: Modeling, working on her singing career, and running her site, Natalie Off Duty.

Her Style Is: Sexy as can be β€” she’s in a crop top if she’s not in a swimsuit. In 2019, She’s: Traveling, running her clothing company, Monday Swimwear, and running A Bikini A Day with pal Devin Brugman.

Her Style Is: High fashion couture with a hoodie or sneakers mixed in. In 2019, She’s: Enjoying life as a new mom, acting as the CEO of her company, working on her master class, Beauty Bites, and designing her clothing line.

Her Style Is: Bohemian and slightly flirty. In 2019, She’s: Traveling, working on her collaboration with Aqua for Bloomingdale’s, and taking care of her adorable dogs.

Her Style Is: Preppy, but vibrant and daring. In 2019, She’s: Running her site and promoting her collaboration with Halogen at Nordstrom.

Her Style Is: City chic; think luxe, cozy sweaters and skinny jeans with must-have boots. In 2019, She’s: Taking care of her daughters, designing for her brand, Something Navy, and running her website.

Her Style Is: Glamour mixed with sex appeal. In 2019, She’s: Styling, running her swim company, Same LA, and collaborating with Pinko.

Her Style Is: Eccentric and ever-changing. In 2019, She’s: Promoting her new book, World of Style, and working on her daily vlog.

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