Top 4 Money Saving Tips for International Shoppers

Shopping now really has no borders! So what things international customers should pay attention to while having best international shopping experience? Below are the 4 must-know tips for international shoppers who want to see more value for their money.


Get Free USA Shipping Address

Choose wisely and wait for discounts

We do international shopping mainly for 2 reasons: overseas retailers offer same products at cheaper prices or some items are not available in your local country. So in both cases, international shoppers should browse and check your needed products carefully. Never settle down just at the first glance. Always there are cheaper deals. Retailers do offer discounts or promotions for some events or holidays. So register their newsletters or reduction notice. Once you find the cheapest deals, it is the right time to order!


Choosing a package forwarder to save on shipping

Though overseas retailers like some online stores in USA do offer international shipping to many countries, but their shipping rate is too high to make your purchase worth it! So is there a better solution to avoid the high international shipping rate? Sure, package forwarding service is the way out. These package forwarders can offer volume discount for international shipping. Besides, they can also help with shopping service if your billing address or card is not accepted.

One more important thing is the package forwarders offer package consolidation services, which is beneficial for those who have multiple purchases from USA or retailers in other countries. The can put several of your packages into one. Without any doubt, this saves your money on international shipping cost!

As to the choice of package forwarder, you can do a research on Google, simply by searching “package forwarder from USA” or any other country.

Do use coupons


Another thing most shoppers forget is the coupon code. It is easy to get but save you a lot. For instance, if you are buying from Forever 21, just Google “Forever 21 coupons”. All the coupons available would be listed. Sure, you can also visit some coupons sides like RetailMeNot or


Know your country’s customs regulations on prohibited items


Last thing international shoppers often ignore is the customs regulation. This may cause a lot of trouble or taxes on your purchases. Do the homework to know whether your country allows you to ship items you purchase and whether there will be tariff or taxes added.

Above are the important tips you should bear in mind when do international shopping, by so doing you will have happy and money-saving international shopping experience!

How to Shop Internationally Without the Trouble of Billing Address?

You are shopping online at USA stores and you have come across a product that you really love. You have decided to buy it and started with the payment procedure, only to know that the particular product cannot be bought because you do not have a U.S billing address accepted by the retailer. How frustrating can it be?
The fact that you cannot purchase a product because you reside outside the U.S can be disheartening. Most online stores such as the Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, the Apple and the Google store, etc., require a U.S billing address for you to be able to buy their products. Hard to digest, but true!


Not accepted billing address
Nevertheless, there is a way to buy products from the USA online stores without the trouble of billing address. Before we talk about that, let us first understand the difference between billing and shipping addresses.

Difference between the billing and the shipping address:

People who are new to online shopping may want to know the difference between the shipping address and the billing address. It is quite simple, shipping address is the one where your products will be sent once you have completed an online purchase. On the other hand, billing address is the one where you receive the invoice for the products purchased and it should be the same with card registered address. In other words, you can buy a product and have it sent to your address A but still choose to send invoice over to a different place.

Most online stores in U.S do not accept non-USA billing address – How to go about that?

One should remember that, in order to be able to buy products from most of the online U.S stores, you must have a U.S billing and shipping address. Now, how do you purchase a product if you do not have a U.S billing and shipping address? This is exactly where the international mail forwarding companies come into picture.
Package forwarders in USA can buy the products for you if your billing address is not accepted. This might cause service fee but it is worth it. If the USA retailer accepts your billing address but does not ship outside USA, this is simpler. Just register with USGoBuy ( to get your US shipping address and start your online shopping right away!

 Get Free USA Shipping Address

How does an international mail forwarding company work?

An international mail forwarding company will provide you with a US shipping address. After you are done with your purchase with a U.S online store, they send the shipment to the U.S shipping address provided by mail forwarder, and they will in turn ship the product to the place of your choice, to almost anywhere across the globe. As easy as that!

How to choose the best international mail forwarding service?

Just like any other service provider, check for the reliability of the company first. Know about its reputation and track record. Also, there are companies that have  years of experience. Choose the one that has survived for long. Because, they have an accurate system in place and they know what they are doing.
You can also assess their credibility by looking at the number of complaints they had to deal. Visit the company’s online forum and know as much as you can from the past and the present members. Be careful with the fees involved. Some companies need upfront payments and huge set-up fees, while few others like USGoBuy are free. Also, try to know about the hidden costs and the shipping charges to your country. Choose the one that can provide the best services at minimal costs.
Oh, and the most important thing, always go for the company that provides fast delivery and the best customer service. After all, you do not want to wait for an eternity to get your hands on a product that you love the most!

Tips on Choosing Best Mail Forwarder for International Shopping

International Shopping Needs Are Growing Worldwide

Buying products online has now become the most common mode of shopping. Online shopping, over the years, has become an integral part of e-commerce where one can purchase their desired products from the sellers across the globe with a click of the mouse and from the comfort of their homes! This is even more predominant in cases where one is unable to find a certain kind of product in their local market.
However, the most important hurdle for the online buyers to purchase a product from a seller based in U.S is the shipping address. Most top stores in America, do not ship their products to an address outside the U.S. And a few sellers who do, charge very high prices for international shipping.

Mail Forwarding Service Is The Solution

Any online buyer can resolve this problem seamlessly by hiring one of the best mail forwarding services, like USGoBuy. Forwarders that provide this service take the responsibility of sending the shipments to the buyer’s door step. They provide international buyers with a U.S shipping address to use while shopping online.

How Mail Forwarding Service Works
Once the payment is done, the products chosen will automatically be shipped to the U.S address. After the products are shipped to this address in the U.S, the buyer’s chosen mail forwarding company will in turn forward these shipments to their actual residential address outside USA, irrespective of where they are residing, across the globe. All this can be done at a fraction of the cost of direct shipment charges!
Nevertheless, care should be taken to see if the package forwarder one chooses can ship their products in time and with minimal fuss. As a buyer, if you are not sure on how to choose the best mail forwarding company, please read the tips below.

Do your groundwork:

Before zeroing in on any mail forwarder, please do your research and know as much as you can about the companies that provide mail forwarding services to your country. Things such as their experience in the field, financial background, franchise, and number of employees, feedback from the past customers are all important!

Good Network:

A mail forwarder that has good network and reliable agents at chosen ports is always desirable. This will ensure that you will have well informed information about the shipment at any given point of time.

Logistics Partners:

Go for the one that has an established reputation for maintaining best the logistics partners like DHL or US Postal Service. Such good couriers will keep you informed about the delivery status in a timely manner.

Check the reviews:

It is always a great idea to visit the forums on such package forwarders and read reviews posted by the users who have already hired their services. Go only for the best rated services.

Compare the shipping rates:

Each mail forwarding Service Company has its own shipping rate. Keep in mind that cheap prices cannot always assure the best services. Visit as many service provider websites as possible, compare their shipping rates to your country and opt for the one that has the best shipping experience in your location at a reasonable pricing.

Hidden charges:

There can be a lot of hidden charges such as the registration fees, VAT, customs clearance charges and many more. As mentioned earlier, each company has its own shipping rate and some companies do not include these hidden charges in their tariff. Some package forwarder like USGoBuy offers free services of repacking and consolidation, this will help you save extra. Hence, it is always good idea to speak to a customer service representative and find out if there are any concealed charges applicable. Ask for “all inclusive quotes” wherever possible.

Reliable customer service:

Always go for the mail forwarder that has reliable and easy to reach customer services. Since you can let them help in case any problem happens to your shopping or shipping. Good customer service will save you a lot of time and trouble.
With all the above mentioned points to check, I am sure you will find your best package forwarder. Happy online shopping!



How Mail Forwarding Service Works for International Online Shopping?

With the world becoming a global village, anyone from anywhere can shop online without borders. Of course, USA stores are one of the top shopping destinations for international customers, since they have many top brands and many discounts & promotions. Some US stores do not ship outside USA, while others may offer international shipping options. But this does not mean using the merchant’s international shipping will be your best choice and money-saving, especially when you know the existence of mail forwarding service by USGoBuy available at much lower prices.

Why  package and mail forwarding service needed?

USGoBuy mail forwarding services are there to cater to the needs of international customers’ or non-USA residents’ online shopping & shipping. Many American merchants that offer cheap or specialized clothing and other products such as Amazon, eBay and Eastbay, but the problem is they do not ship outside of the USA. This is annoying for international customers. Even independent sellers such as bands and specialty shops offer international shipping to a few countries, their shipping rate is just too high to afford. Through USGoBuy mail forwarding services, international customers now have access to all the cheap deals and discounts from all US stores, and they can say goodbye to the high shipping cost that makes the purchases unaffordable.
USA online shopping becomes easy and convenient for international shoppers with package forwarding service, and international customers can really shop USA without borders.

How mail forwarding service works for USA online shopping & shipping?

Simple! All you have to do is register with USGoBuy to get a free US shipping address. With this US shipping address, you can place orders at US shopping sites. Then USA merchants will ship your order to your USGoBuy forwarding address. USGoBuy mail forwarder offers free repacking & consolidation services, as your orders may have come in multiple packages if you have shopped multiple sites. USGoBuy warehouse will consolidate your packages to lower your international shipping cost. The next step is enter your international shipping address information and pay for shipping cost. Then USGoBuy mail forwarder will ship out your packages accordingly. All that’s left for you to do is wait for the package to arrive at your door step. International shopping & shipping has never been easier.

How mail forwarding service works

What to check while choosing the best package forwarding service?

-Registration Fees

Some forwarders charge a registration fee for starting service with their company. But this is not a fee you should pay with good reasons, some mail forwarders simply want you to place future orders with them by charge the registration fee. The fact is not all forwarding companies charge a registration fee and you should be aware of this. Look around a bit to avoid this extra fee. USGoBuy offers free registration and free US address!

-Shipping Rates

The shipping rates offered by one mail forwarder may differ from another. Before you settle for what could be the highest shipping rate out there, compare a few package forwarders against each other for the best deal in shipping. After all, this is going to be the largest fee with whichever company you choose. Make sure you’re comfortable with the price that they offer, and the shipping rate varies according to the country you ship to.
USGoBuy has partnership with world leading couriers like USPS and DHL, and offers heavy discounts on international shipping rates.

-Repacking and Consolidation Services

Many companies offer this service for free. Look for the right company to avoid this unnecessary fee. Package forwarders like USGoBuy offer this service free of charge. There’s no reason to pay for something when you could get it free, right?

-Customer Service

When interacting with a company for a long period of time, you want to make sure it’s a company you trust. Good customer service is a priority for you when choosing good forwarding service. Go for those with live customer services and smooth contact available.

-Return Policy

Check also different policies for returns and charges, so you can get refund if there is any problem with your purchases. Make sure to understand the forwarding company’s policies or conditions on return/refund before settle down.

Online mail and package forwarding services are a great asset to the international shoppers, you will save your money and have better international shopping experience. Do pay attention to the points mentioned above while choosing package forwarding services.