All You Need to Know About Amazon International Shipping & AmazonGlobal

Many people enjoy shopping on Amazon as the prices of items are affordable and the selections are unlimited. American customers shopping on Amazon have various options for shipping, even free shipping available. However, such options may not be available to international customers outside US. Amazon international shipping is indeed one serious problem facing overseas customers who really want to buy from Amazon US.


Downsides of AmazonGlobal Program: high shipping costs with limited products


Amazon does have their AmazonGlobal program available for people in specific non-US countries. This sounds like a good solution for certain customers, but not everyone will benefit from this AmazonGlobal program. One downside is the international shipping rates are often higher and many items are not eligible for international shipping. Another aspect to keep in mind is some customers often need to pay import fees. A customer will also have taxes and duty fees that apply besides the high shipping fees. These added costs will often be much more than the cost of the products you buy.

AmazonGlobal fails

Solution to Amazon International Shipping: USGoBuy package forwarding service


This does not mean there is no affordable way of accomplishing Amazon international shopping! One such option available for customers who want to avoid Amazon international shipping is USGoBuy package forwarding service.
Any customer no matter where they are located is able to use our cheap package forwarding service and international shipping for Amazon. This option can be used to save money on international shipping costs and all the items that are purchased on Amazon. International customers are able to buy various types of items at American prices and have them shipped out of US at affordable prices.

Reliable and affordable package forwarding

Customers will need to register for a free US address to avail our Amazon package forwarding service. Customers will use this address as the shipping address for Amazon orders. With this free US address, international orders are qualified for free shipping conditions within US. Amazon will then ship the package to our warehouse. Notification is then made to the customer via email when we receive the package. The customer will then notify us and provide details for how their item to be shipped. Packages will then be consolidated and sent out once the shipping cost is paid.


There are many benefits using our Amazon international shipping service. International shoppers can buy from Amazon US without borders and save most on shipping and product price!


Get Free USA Shipping Address

What are the differences between package forwarding service and mail forwarding service?

With the popularity of online shopping, especially international shopping, a term is becoming more and more popular among international shoppers. And that term is package forwarding! This is a new term when compared with mail forwarding! While mail forwarding service and package forwarding service might sound like the same thing, there are detailed differences between package forwarding and mail forwarding. In this article, we will explore the differences between these two terms!


What is Mail Forwarding Service

Mail forwarding allows people to have their mail held, bundled up, and then shipped all at once weekly or monthly so that bills and other important articles of mail don’t go missed. This pertains to letters, magazines, bills, postcards, and other things of that sort. Mail forwarding can also apply to those who have made a change of address where mail will be forwarded to the new address. Mail forwarding is also commonly referred to as virtual post office box services or hybrid mail. Customers can inform how they want, when they want, and where they want their mail forwarded.

mail forwardingLearn more info from Wikipedia on mail forwarding

What is Package Forwarding Service

Unlike mail forwarding service, package forwarding service deals with parcels instead of the previously described mail. Parcel forwarding service gives international shoppers (in most cases, non-US shoppers) the ability to shop at any international store such as from US retailers and have their orders shipped to their home address outside US. Package forwarding service even makes it possible for international shoppers to receive orders from online stores who don’t provide international shipping, or save more money if the international shipping retailers provide is too expensive. While package forwarding tends to be cheaper, it’s still just as reliable. With package forwarders, international shoppers get an United States address that allows them to shop at US stores; When your order arrives at the US address, you’ll receive a notification, and then can have your packages shipped to your international address. Shipping can be done one package at a time or combined into one shipment to reduce shipping costs.


how package forwarding service works

Learn more on how package forwarding service works from USGoBuy

Now that’s the difference between package forwarding and mail forwarding, while they both ultimately forward someone’s mail to them by redirecting it from one address to another.

How to buy Google Glass outside US with package forwarding service?

Google Glass Now Available for International Fans Outside USA

The biggest stir in the technology world is also the featured talk in the world of eye wear. That is a dual buzz that only the Google Glass can create. Google recently announced that it has loosened its hold on Glass sales in US- even for the prototype which is still in beta. However, at this point, it is difficult for anyone outside of the United States to obtain a pair,unless they have a friend or business associate inside the US, even then, getting the Glass outside the country can be a costly and unsafe undertaking. This has left many international fans of Google Glasses very disappointed. But international fans can still buy Google Glass with the help of USGoBuy package forwarding service!


How USGoBuy Package Forwarding Service Works for Google Glass International Shopping


This impediment for international fans of the Google Glass will be short lived as USGoBuy package forwarding service offers a way to get the glasses to fans across the globe. Basically, we provide you with a US mailing address, you use it to do your shopping (buy Google Glass) and we’ll do the rest. Visit the USGoBuy website where you will register and obtain your free US address then go ahead and purchase your Google Glasses, pay the shipping cost and your package will then be delivered to the USGoBuy warehouse. Next, we will contact you immediately upon arrival of the package and arrange shipment to your country at only the shipping cost. Finally, our trained package forwarding experts will get your package to you in a flash.


You get four guarantees from USGoBuy:
No hidden fees and costs, just the shipping cost,
A trusted service providing you safe and secure delivery worldwide,
The lowest shipping rates guaranteed, and
Excellent customer service.


In addition, we can store your packages for up to six months at no cost. Singing up with us is free therefore you have no membership fee to pay. In addition, we do not charge consolidation fees or sales tax. It is as simple as ABC. No additional services will be presented to you causing the fee to escalate. Simply pay for your package and forget it till we reach your door.

Google Glass Package Forwarding Service


Other useful info international fans should know regarding Google Glass


Does your country allow the entry of electronic gadgets?


Prior to placing your orders, you should check the regulations of your country in terms of shipping electronic gadgets. The laws vary in each country and it would be to your benefit to know what to expect before making a purchase. Once you’ve found out, the next move is to connect with USGoBuy to ensure an efficient and safe delivery of your package.


Where can you buy Google Glass?


You can either buy directly from Google shop:
Or you can buy from Amazon:


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How to save money by using package forwarding service for international shopping?

Now it is easy for international shoppers to find awesome products online or some special items exclusively available within a specific country, and they can get all of them if they like by using package forwarding service providers available. However, they will not realize how much they have to pay until the ordered items arrive at door step. So the problem that concerns international shoppers most is how to really save money when using package forwarding service for international shopping!

We will discuss in details about the money saving tips for using package forwarding services. With these tips in mind, you will make all the money paid and time spent worth it.

1. Choose the forwarder with low international shipping rate

International shipping rate will be a major part of your total expenses when using a package forwarding service. It is clear that we should always go for the one with lower international shipping cost to your country.

All package forwarders have a shipping cost calculator that you can find from their sites. Make sure you take full use of this shipping cost tool when choosing a package forwarder. In most cases, only package weight is required to calculate the shipping cost to your international address.

2. Pay attention to registration fees or membership fees

Have a clear understanding of your own international shopping needs. How often do you shop internationally? Will you save more than the membership fee to be paid? If you are just shopping once a month or so, don’t go for those package forwarders who charge membership fees. Another reason is there are quite a lot of package forwarders who does not charge for registration or membership.

3. Take full advantage of package consolidation service

Most international shoppers ignore the importance of package consolidation service in saving their money. Package consolidation service is a necessity for those shoppers who have placed multiple orders from different online retailers. You can ask your chosen package forwarder to consolidate or combine all your packages into one to save on international shipping cost. This is clear since separate packages would cause higher initial weights.

Another important aspect regarding package consolidation service is some package forwarders offer them for free, while others charge quite some money. So it is best to choose package forwarders offering free package consolidation services together with low shipping rates.

4. Choose free package storage service

Package storage is useful for those who have bought multiple items from different sellers or who have to travel for some time and cannot receive packages at home. Some package forwarders offer free package storage for a limited time span like 90 days, while other package forwarders offer storage service without time limit. It is advised to go for those offering free storage.

5. Do not buy items prohibited or restricted to your country

This point could be easily overlooked for international shoppers, especially when they know little about the customs regulations on import in their country. If you have bought some items of the prohibited list, it is not only a waste of your money but also your time. And this will cause more problems like paying for taxes or return or even detained by the customs. So double check before you place the order, especially when you purchasing some special items.

With the above mentioned 5 tips in mind, international shoppers will surely get more value for their money and save a lot of trouble that could happen due to ignorance.


Which USA package forwarder offers the lowest international shipping rate?

A common question most international shoppers ask when finding a suitable package forwarding service is “which package forwarder offers the lowest international shipping rate”. That is really a big concern for those who are planning to use package forwarding service for their international shopping. However, this is never the whole picture. In other words, even if you find the cheapest shipping rate from USA to your country, there is no guarantee you will save money on your total package forwarding service!

Shipping rate is not the whole picture when chooing best USA package forwarder

Actually it is not difficult to find a USA package forwarder who seems to offer the lower shipping rates, since these package forwarders all have a shipping cost calculator on their website. Below are the shipping cost calculator of the top 5 package forwarders from USA.


MyUS shipping cost calculator:
Viabox shipping cost calculator:
Shipito shipping cost calculator:
USGoBuy shipping cost calculator:
BongoUS shipping cost calculator:


shipping cost calculator


Shoppers can easily compare the shipping cost from USA to their country. Here I would not calculate the shipping fee, anyone concerned on this could try with the above shipping cost calculators.


Actually what I am trying to say is you should never settle down and choose a package forwarder simply by comparing the shipping cost to your country. There are a lot more aspects to compare!


The check list includes but not limited to the following:

Registration fee/membership fee

Indeed, some package forwarders charge registration fees or membership fees in order to use their package forwarding service. This actually does not sound reasonable for me at least! Sure there are package forwarders who charges zero fees for registration, USGoBuy is one of them. It is best to avoid those who charge registration or membership fees.

Repacking fees/consolidation fees

Never overlook this part, since it is possible you have placed multiple orders from different USA retailers. So these packages come to your package forwarder separately. In such a case, you definitely need repacking or consolidation service to put all packages into one and save on international shipping cost. For repacking or consolidation service, you may be asked to pay a large amount of money. But you can get that service for free if you choose USGoBuy. Without any doubt, this will help you save extra!

Personal shopper service

You may need this kind of service when you find that your credit card or billing address is not accepted by the retailer, that means you cannot check out! The only way out is to ask the package forwarder to order on your behalf. This is the personal shopper service, which will charge you more besides the shipping cost. So make it clear what percentage the package forwarder charges for your order amount.

Package storage fee

You may have to store your packages at the package forwarder’s warehouse for some time, for you are traveling out or you have to wait for other purchases to arrive. Meanwhile you have to ask the package forwarder to store your purchases for a while. Some package forwarders like USGoBuy would do this for you with zero charges and without time limit. However some package forwarders may charge the storage fee by day or month.

How to choose the best package forwarder to save your money!

Actually I can add more to the check list, but these are the most important points to note when you choose a package forwarder. Look further than the low shipping cost, since that is only one part of your total costs on package forwarding service.

My advise is take your time and know your own shopping needs, then go to the package forwarder customer service and ask about every possibility you may have when using their services. Then add that total possible expenses up, and check you spend the least with which package forwarder. Without doubt, that package forwarder is your best choice!