How Package Forwarding Avails of Tax Free Shopping in USA

Package Forwarding Service that Comes with a Bonus—Sales Tax Free Shopping

Besides all the widely known advantages to utilizing a package forwarding service, such as no barriers in shipping or payment methods, there is another big advantage that most international shoppers don’t know and it is the sales tax free shopping in USA. Of course the package forwarding service you choose should have a warehouse that is based in one of the tax free states in USA. That means you have more chances to save money.

tax free shopping in USA and USGoBuy package forwarding service

All You Need to Know About Tax Free Shopping in USA

A sales tax is added to any purchase that takes place in any state of the USA that collects sales tax. There are only five states that do not have a sales tax. Those are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. Any purchases made in these 5 states are actually cheaper by anywhere from 4% to 8% depending upon which of the sales taxing states you purchase in. For example, if you are purchasing something from a Los Angeles, CA retailer, the added sales tax will be 7.5%. On a purchase of $100.00 that means there will be a tax of $7.50 added to the total. In Oregon there is no sales tax so the total on a $100.00 purchase will be $100.00. Tax free shopping in Oregon makes purchasing an economic advantage to any purchaser.

How to Avail of Tax Free Shopping with USGoBuy Package Forwarding Service

Any purchaser, whether a citizen of the USA or from another country can place an order with USGoBuy to utilize its Oregon warehouse address and avail of the chances of tax free shopping. When you register you are given a Portland, OR address for purchasing purposes. This address means that your purchase is in Oregon and not subject to sales taxes.

The only fee you pay with USGoBuy is the shipping fee. Shipping fees include domestics shipping cost from retailer to your Oregon address if there is any charged by seller, and international shipping cost from USGoBuy to your address outside US. We at USGoBuy understand that international shipping cost used to be extraneous and we reduce it as much as possible by offering discounted shipping rate. For US retailers that does not a non-US billing address, we purchase for you with our credit card and international shoppers can pay us for item value and shipping cost through PayPal or any other payment method. Both ways ensure that international shoppers can avail of the sale tax free shopping opportunities.

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The savings you get with USGoBuy as your package forwarder and personal shopper can be tremendous. Our utilization of a warehouse facility in Oregon is the key. It provides us with a major shipping center that processes worldwide delivery at a minimum of cost to our clients. Save money in all aspects, go with USGoBuy.

USGoBuy vs MYUS, Shipito, BongoUS, comgateway, and reship

Everything You Need to Know About USPS Form 1583

What is USPS Form 1583 and why it is required

Many frequent international shoppers use a US package forwarding service like USGoBuy to facilitate their USA online shopping. This package forwarding service is named as Commercial Mail Receiving Agency or CNRA in short form. And the international shoppers are the addressees in this case. However, US Postal Service require both parties to send and receive parcels according the rules and laws of USA by filling in the USPS Form 1583. This Form 1583 is aimed to ensure safe and proper delivery of any packages that CMRA is shipping or receiving. This form verifies the physical address and identification of both parties.

This is a picture of USPS Form 1583 and how a Form 1583 looks like:

US Postal Service Form 1583

Download a clean Form 1583

How to fill in the USPS form 1583

USPS Form 1583 is not that complex and only takes a few minutes to fill out.We will discuss in details on what each box on this Form 1583 means and how to fill Form 1583!

instructions on how to fill a US Postal Form 1583

Box 1 is simply the current date and is located at the top of the page. In box 2, list the names that will be on your packages as they are delivered to our warehouse. Be sure to use your legal name, exactly as it appears on your identification, on all of your paperwork and orders. Any variation in names will result in the delay and possible refusal of delivery.Box 3 is your US address with USGoBuy, don’t forget to include your unique suite number of address! In box 4, you will list the name of our package forwarding service and the address of our warehouse.

Sign your name in box 5 to authorize delivery and forwarding of your packages through USGoBuy. Print your name and your current address in boxes 6 and 7, and list the two types of identification you are providing in box 8. At least one of your forms of identification must be a non-expired, government issued picture ID. All the rest boxes are required for business firms or corporations instead of individuals, so we will not cover them in our discussion here. Finally sign your name in box 16. Then all is done regarding the US Postal Service 1583!

Notarize your Form 1583 and send it to your CMRA

Scan your two forms of identification and send it to us. Spouses only need to fill out one form and simply include dissimilar information in the same box. Each spouse will be required to provide two forms of identification.

The form must be notarized. Upon completion simply scan the document and forward it to us before sending the physical copy to the following address:

Lei Guo

3439 NE SANDY BLVD # 3750


Your personal information is always kept confidential and you can rest assured that your packages will be delivered properly with USGoBuy through US Postal Service in the future.

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A Detailed Comparison of top 5 Package Forwarding Services from USA

It is no secret that there are a lot of great deals and unique products available from the United States online retailers. Unfortunately purchasing these can be quite a struggle if you reside outside of the U.S. Companies often do no offer international shipping, or they charge outrageous prices for this global shipping service. Luckily there are package forwarding services available that will forward your purchases from US to your international address. But choosing the best one to save your money is not an easy task. Below are five package forwarders along with a comparison of their prices and fees.


USGoBuy supplies you with a free U.S. delivery address for you to send your packages to. They inform you by mail to your account whenever your packages arrive and you can then ask for your packages to be delivered. USGoBuy does not charge any membership, setup or storage fees, however they will dispose of your package after 90 days if you have not requested it to be forwarded. They also offer a personal shopper which will add five percent to your purchase. A personal shopper allows you to buy from sites that do not accept non-us credit cards or billing addresses. They partner with DHL, USPS and FedEx for shipping. What attracts shoppers most about USGoBuy is that they offer free repacking, free consolidation and a lot more free services!

set up with USGoBuy


If you choose to go with MyUS you will have your packages sent to their U.S location, much like USGoBuy. MyUS offer different membership fees, the cheapest of which is a one-time 10 dollar fee. You can also choose a premium or premium+mail membership which increases your free storage period (from 5 days to 30) and your personal shopper fee (from between five and ten percent to between three and six percent). These memberships are charged for on either an annual or monthly basis and are between 60 and 195 dollars per year. This membership fee for most online shoppers is not a necessity if they choose USGoBuy and other package forwarders.

MyUS services and fees


Shipito will set you up with multiple U.S addresses to ship your items to. When they receive your item they will notify you via email and even send you a picture of your package. All these will charge you quite some money! This company does not require a setup fee, but they do charge you an extra dollar per package on top of the shipping cost. If you want to be able to send more than one package at a time, you will need to purchase a virtual mailbox with them, which is 50 dollars per year or ten dollars per month. Who would like to pay 50 USD even before they start their US online shopping? I guess quite few!

shipito services and fees


This company advertises they will repack your packages for you to try to reduce shipping cost! However it turns out that all of the previous companies will do this as well – some even without charging you anything like USGoBuy! It is very hard to find any information on their prices and fees without giving out your full name and email address. It turns out their setup prices start at five dollars and they have a 100 dollar annual fee for their business account. They also only use DHL and Fedex where the previous companies offered USPS as well. Another thing that may harm user experience is they seem to have multiple sites on the same business but under different names, such as Citi Globeshopper, Borderlessbuys, ShopOnline, ShopUOBLadys and others. This reduces our trust on comGateway.

No clear services and fees policy available on comGateWay official site!


ReShip also requires a five dollar setup fee. These fees seem odd as only some of the companies require them. Like Shipito they also offer photographs of your purchase, they do however charge you a fee. As to package consolidation, you will be charged at least 7 USD for up to 5 packages. Also you will be asked to pay for 1 USD per day if you have stored your package at their warehouse more than 2 months. Actually it is hard to convince shoppers to choose ReShip to forward your packages.

reship services and fees

Who has the lowest shipping rate?

It seems like all of the shipping prices will vary based the shipping companies current rates. Do keep in mind though that lower shipping rate does not mean less costs in total. Some will also charge you an extra dollar on top of the shipping costs.

Comparison table of top 5 package forwarders’ services and fees

For a quick overview of the top 5 USA package forwarders, I have listed their services and fees in the table below. Take a look and it will not be difficult to make your decision!

comparison of top 5 US package forwarding services

Top 6 cross border shopping tips for saving at USA online stores

There are many reasons that international consumers choose to shop in the United States when they are not actually living in the United States. These reasons could be they want to save money, they want to save time or they want to buy something that is not available in their own country. You can do your own cross border shopping, but make sure you follow these top 6 tips if you want to save money.

cross border shopping

1. Use a US package forwarder

You can use a package forwarder like USGoBuy that will help you save money and time when it comes to shipping your item. Use your chosen package forwarder’s US shipping address as the “Ship To” address when checking out. Another unbeatable benefit of using a package forwarder is they can offer personal shopper services, helping you buy from US retailers that do not accept your card.

2. Only shop the top US stores

When you are  shopping cross borders, it is best to shop the top US online stores that are around. Since they are more trustworthy and their products come with higher quality. Choose a store from our top 120 US online retailers to make sure that you are getting the best experience possible.

3. Subscribe to retailers’ newsletter

You will be able to get notifications of new arrivals and sale items in the form of emails when you subscribe to the top stores’ newsletters. These newsletters will update you with everything you need to know that is going on with the store. Stay in the know and be the first to seize promotions and discounts.

4. Read the ratings & reviews of products

Before you decide to buy a particular product from any online store, it is a good idea that you read the ratings and the reviews for the product. This will ensure that you get the right product that you are looking for.

5. Shop around and compare

When you are having a cross border shopping experience, you should make sure that you are getting the most for your money. Shop around on different US stores to help you determine which one has the best price and service.

6. Get the discounts & coupons

Many sites offer first time customers and continuing customers with special discounts that might not otherwise be available. Check the site and third party sites to see if there are any special discounts or coupon codes that are available. These can help you reduce the cost of the items.

Bear these top 6 cross border shopping tips in mind, and you now are halfway towards a success cross border shopping experience! Shop Now!

USGoBuy now has a new warehouse address

USGoBuy has changed our warehouse address, but it is still in Portland, which ensures tax free opportunities for our international customers!

Old Address   6600 NE 78th Ct,B4 Portland, OR 97218

New Address  14121 NE Airport Way,Portland, OR 97230

Why we change our warehouse address

The only goal of USGoBuy is to help international shoppers buy from USA online stores and find cheapest international shipping to their home. We accept varied payment methods to make it convenient to pay. However, this has been taken advantage of by credit card fraud activities. Though there are only few cases about this, it does influence the package delivery to our addresses. Our lawyer has acted quickly to this situation and let the truth be told to the public.

Such credit card fraud activities brough withholding of packages to our address, and there are also new packages coming in. So we have made a decision to move to a new warehouse to restore the smooth package delivery to USGoBuy.

Don’t worry about your packages delivery to the old address

If you have packages withheld by US Postal Service, you just need to fill out a Form 1583, and authorizes USGoBuy to deliver and receive your packages in US. Get more info on Form 1583.

Don’t worry if you have packages stored in our warehouse, we have moved all to our new warehouse and all your packages being delivered to the old address will be forwarded to our new address! Actually we have updated your US address in your account! Log in now to take a look!

Let us hear how you think about USGoBuy

USGoBuy is always happy to hear words from our customers worldwide, so let us know how you think about us! You can comment here or post on our Facebook!

Top 60 US Online Shopping Sites for International Shoppers

Fulfill all of your shopping needs with the top 60 US shopping sites. You will not need to look anywhere else. What makes your international shopping at such stores even better is USGoBuy package forwarding services are here to help you save more on international shipping. All international shoppers now can access these stores and buy from them, then have your packages or purchases forwarded to your home address via USGoBuy package forwarder.

The following are the top 60 US online stores.

Shop US online stores


Computers, networking supplies, televisions, cameras and much more!


Trendiest urban fashion for men, women and children.

3.Forever 21

Latest fashion trends from Forever 21 with international shipping.


Athletic retail store for sporting equipment and apparel.


Huge variety of everything! Fulfill all of your needs at a unbeatable price.


Beauty cosmetics at very reasonable prices.


Wide variety of stylish bags, from handbags to luggage for any trip.

8.Brooks Brothers

High end women’s and children’s shoes and clothing.


Fashion for men, women and children.

10.Blue Nile

Certified diamonds and jewelry.

11.Old Navy

Famous clothing and accessories for men, women, children and babies.


Group coupons for most US websites and local deals.


Selling broadcasts, internet and other multimedia channels.

14.Tiffany & Co.

Famous for all high end jewelry for engagement, wedding, and other events.


Luggage, bags and purses at great prices.


Computers, laptops, mobile phones, and gaming devices.

17.Yves Rocher

Beauty, cosmetic, and skincare products.

Beauty supplies and cosmetics.


Styles for young girls, boys, and children.


Buy appliances, clothing and other products.

21.Ann Taylor

Women’s clothing and wedding dresses.


Famous athletic apparel and shoes brand.


Variety of office and school supplies.


Shop for all your pet supplies.

25.American Eagle Outfitters

High quality clothing retailer.


Grocery shopping with delivery.


Industrial equipment and supplies.


Office products and supplies.

29.Auto Parts Warehouse

Car part distributor for all vehicles.

30.Costco Wholesale

Membership bulk grocery and other item warehouse. (Formerly

High quality electronics.

Men, women, and children shoes.


High quality jeans brand.

34.The Children’s Place

Clothing for kids and babies.


Top clothing and home furnishing retailer.


Clothing and accessories for all ages.

Anything from shoes, clothing, accessories, handbags and beauty products.


Men’s and women’s jeans.

39.UGG Australia

Brand boots and accessories.

40.Victoria’s Secret

Women’s intimates, swimwear, beauty products, clothing and shoes.

Medications, vitamins, diet & fitness, beauty and skin care.


Clothing and home decoration department store.


Mainly electronics but is expanding products to many more categories.


Fashion, groceries, toys, equipment, sports, and much more!

45.Disney Store

All things Disney for children.


Elegant and sophisticated fashion and beauty.


Get all your Apple brand electronics.


Get anything and everything at incredible prices.


Buy, sell or auction all products.

50.Ralph Lauren

All seasons fashion retailer.


Shoes for men, women, and children.


Unique handcrafted items.

53.Cosmetic America

Skincare and beauty products.


Laptops, computers and electronics.


Makeup, fragrances, and other beauty products.


High end skin care products.


Designer apparel, shoes and accessories.


Watches and jewelry at great prices.

Great deals on diapers, toys, books, and products.


Very cheap health products.

The top 60 shopping sites in US are famous for their affordable products and wide selections. As you browse through the selection, remeber you have now USGoBuy package forwarding service with you and you can shop at such stores like Americans do, enjoying US prices and cheap global shipping rate.