Best Times of the Year for International Shopper to Shop US and Save Money

If you, as international shoppers, want to grab the best bargains, it’s important to know when to shop and for which items. We have done a research on this and list below these traditional US bargain days to save your time and money.

best times of the year to shop

January White Sales

The January White Sale is an American tradition of long-standing. In January, you will find great sales on linens, especially sheets, pillows, pillow covers, bed spreads and other coverings.

President’s Day Sales

February is a great month for new car sales.

Easter Sales 

Spring heralds good bargains on winter outerwear, such as coats, sweaters, gloves hats, and boots, as well as men’s suits, shirts and ties. Good bargains are available on used cars and accessories, graduation gifts, laptops, cookware sets, college essentials, and vacuum cleaners.

Mother’s Day

Around Mother’s Day, look for good buys on cookware, vacuum cleaners, perfume gift sets and women’s’ casual clothes.

Father’s Day

As Father’s Day draws near, expect hardware stores and mega-centers like Home Depot to offer big on hand tools ranging from drills and sanders to power tools.

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day Sales usually offer strong bargains on such items as furniture, linens, home décor, dinnerware, video games, electronics, flat screen TVs and laptops.

Labor Day Sales

Labor Day is the time to consider purchasing big appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, plants, gardening equipment, laptops and school supplies.

July 4th Sales  

Independence Day Sales traditionally include good buys on room and dining room furniture, summer party goods, swimwear, sandals and beach towels. Towards month’s end, watch for sales on and barbecue equipment…

Back to School Sales

August and September bring good offerings for children’s clothing and back-to-school items, such as backpacks, and laptops. Also look for good sales on camping gear yard equipment, and patio furniture.

Columbus Day Sales

Good bargains can be found on furniture, mattresses and recliners, fans and air conditioners.

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and it is a big day for savings, especially at “Big Box “stores, such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, and Sears. Crowds of shoppers converge to seek the best holiday buys on favorite toys, flat screen televisions, jewelry, clothing, and laptops.

Christmas and Post-Holiday Sales

Christmas decorations, wrap, and gift tags are among the best after Christmas deals.

Remember, if you want to catch the best deals on everything you purchase in the US, it’s all in the timing! Don’t forget to use our package forwarding service to save your money!

The current situation of cross border online shopping with survey data

Today the Internet has changed all aspects of our life, the way we shop and the way we gather info have been greatly influenced by the Web. In the past, it takes months to import goods from overseas countries and the involved buyers and sellers are all trading organizations. However, today individuals can place an international order online at the e-commerce sites and receive a package normally within two weeks.

The cross border online shopping is becoming a trend. PayPal has done a research in 2013 about this by gathering survey from over 6,000 international shoppers and revealed some valuable data.

The top 6 countries with most international online shoppers

The report said in 2013 there were 93.7 million cross country online shoppers in the following 6 countries: UK, US, Brazil, Germany, Australia and China. These 93.7 million shoppers have spent 105 billion USD on cross border online shopping, which accounted for 16% of total online shopping spend in 2013.

top 4 cross border shopping countries

What product categories the cross border online shoppers buy?

So what the international shoppers are buying? The research showed that there are mainly 5 categories. As normal, the apparel & shoes category comes first and has the most spend of about 12.5 billion USD. The other 4 product categories that follow are Healthy and Beauty products (7.6 billion USD), personal electronics (6.0 billion USD), computer hardware(6.0 billion USD) and Jewelry & Watches (5.8 billion USD).

top 5 products categories of cross border shopping

Reasons for doing cross border online shopping

There are various reasons for buying from a overseas retailers, perhaps the price is cheaper and the quality is better, or the products you buy are not available from your local market. The PayPal research showed that 80% of international shoppers buy overseas for the reason of “saving money”. While 78% of them also have another consideration in international shopping and it is “buying some thing that is not available from local market”.

What is worrying the international shoppers?

International shoppers are most concerned about the safety of their private info and buyer protection. 69% of the shoppers say they fear identity theft and fraud. And 88% of them clearly showed preferences for better buyer protection. That is why the shoppers like PayPal most, since it has much better buyer protection than other payment methods.

From the above analysis, we can see that package forwarding service as an important part of this international cross border online shopping should on the one way save customers’ money on global shipping, and on the other hand provide reliable services such as delivery safety, private info protection, return/refund. USGoBuy as top US package forwarders surely will try our best to minimize the shipping cost and provide best services to address all the concerns and questions international shoppers may have!

How Package Consolidation Saves Your Money on Shipping?

For international shoppers who often use package forwarding services, “package consolidation” is not a new term to them, but few realize the importance of package consolidation in saving their shipping fee!  Package consolidation is as much an art as is a science. This article is dedicated to helping you completely understand how package consolidation works and how package consolidation saves your money!

When it comes to the calculation of shipping cost, there are actually 2 main aspects to consider, namely package weight and package dimension.  And there are 2 terms relate to package weight and package size.

Actual Weight

As the name suggests, actual weight is the measured weight of the package or parcel to be shipped. Actual weight is not hard to get, you can use a scale to calculate.

actual weight of a package

Dimensional Weight

Dimensional weight is a term reflecting the space a package occupies or the package density. A package with light actual weight may take a lot of space for shipping. So in this case, the package dimension or size should be taken into consideration when calculating shipping cost. Different shipping companies or shipping methods have varied calculation of dimensional weight! Normally dimensional weight is the result you get by dividing the package volume with a certain number! For USPS, it is divied by 166.

dimensional weight of a package

Billable Weight

Once you have both dimensional weight and actual weight at hand, you can compare which weight is greater. The shipping cost is based on the larger weight. And this greater weight between actual weight and dimensional weight is the billable weight. That means you should pay according to the weight that charges more.

How package consolidation works on saving shipping costs?

how package consolidation saves shipping cost

The above variables need to be considered in order to keep the cost of shipping down to a minimum. You can either reduce the package weight or minimize the package size to reduce your shipping costs! Actually this is what a package consolidation does for you! Let us say, you have ordered one item from Amazon, and another item from Zara, so there are 2 packages being shipped to your home from US when you do not use a package forwarding or consolidation service! But the case is, you have found a package consolidation service at hand, and you ask them to combine your 2 packages into one, meanwhile, minimizing the weight and size of the package! Just imagine how much you will save by using this package consolidation service!

You may say a package consolidation service will charge you extra money, and will using such a service still save my shipping cost? The answer is definitely yes. Besides, there is also free package consolidation service available from! Without any doubt, you will save more!

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US Summer Sale 2014-How International Shoppers Benefit from It?

204 Summer Sale is here, don’t miss it

It’s July and the retail industry has gone mad with 2014 summer sales. These sales drive fashion trends and shopping vacations alike. This is the best time to save most on shopping your favorite brand products, since online shoppers would surely benefit from such summer sales. These products, however, are not last season’s; they are the latest fashion trends. With plenty of time remaining in the season, shoppers can replenish their wardrobe with minimum costs.

2014 summer sale-USGoBuy package forwarding

How to find the 2014 summer sales by US retailers?

You can find the summer sales offered by retailers through many ways. The direct way is visiting your favorite store and check. You can also do your own search on Google for summer sale. To save your time, we have found 5 US stores that offer the summer sales. Don’t miss it!

Forever21 summer sale.

Most of the merchandise is as low as $10, including women addresses, shirts and sunglasses. The store is currently featuring a 40% mark-down from their Soccer Collection.

Topshop summer sale.

Offers discounts as low as 50%. You can find women clothing, hats, and shoes.

American Apparel summer sale.

Also offers discounts of 50% on most merchandise. These extra savings are categorized as under $5, under $10 and under $15 for the super deal hunter.All these offers will end this late July, so hurry up!

Ralph Lauren summer sale.

This is an American favorite with its high-end classic summer fashion marked-down to 65%. You need to apply a coupon code of “HAPPY4TH” at checkout. The sales cover men, women, children and baby clothing.

Amazon summer sale.

Looking for something you need for this hot summer? Amazon offers all such items at discounted prices. You can find slippers, outdoors equipments, swimsuits and more!

How to avail of such summer sales for international shoppers via package forwarding

International shoppers have the same opportunity through the USGoBuy package forwarding service. With just five easy steps the American market becomes internationally accessible. Starting with a free address in the US, the shopper can have items shipped and received, and then finally, our package forwarding service will ship to the designated international address. This process is simple and includes communication through email to assure the customer with status updates.

Regardless of your shopping interests, the 2014 summer sales in conjunction with the package forwarding service creates a sizzling deal for the international consumers.