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Parcel Forwarding from USA

Nowadays parcel forwarding is an aspect of chance and uncertainty. With the assistance of technology and the web, one can control how to forward an item. Today there are many online mail forwarding companies who give you the different tools to manage different facet of forwarding online.

A mail view manager is a basic tool with which you can manage various parcel forwarding aspects. There are many commercial parcel forwarding companies that give you a rental mailbox with which you can forward your items with ease. This mailbox usually has got a proper physical street address so as to get items from all kinds of courier services that include the post office.

The mail view manager has all the items in your mailbox so that you can view what and when you have got an item. There are some firms that give you an extra option of getting email notifications for the items that come in your mailbox.

There is total flexibility when making the schedules. You have the option of making fixed schedules according to your requirements. There is an infinite amount of addresses that you can utilize when making these schedules. It does not need to be a residential address or a business. It may be a spa resort that you can attend in that particular duration of time.

The good mail forwarding firms have got accredited representatives of the shipping forwarders that they partner with to give you an effective mail forwarding service. You may find the globally recognized A-List firms that have got efficient networks to give appropriate services. These can be DHL, UPS, and FedEx.

When a schedule is made, it is a usual practice to have queries from the shipping forwarders emailed to you directly. This convenience will give you an estimate depending on the criteria you had when you made the schedule.

You may find many ancillary services that help you in saving on delivery expenses or when you require more time to store your parcels. The service of repackaging will enable you to have to have many items in a box. When you blend the items into one or more boxes, it is quite affordable than forwarding the items one by one when you take into account the flat fee per box. In order to prevent you from getting extra expenses because of forwarding bad correspondence, you may choose appropriate junk mail items and request that is eradicated. This is usually done free of cost.

Safe warehouse storage enables you to store your parcels for an extra duration of time till you are ready to forward them. It has been observed that online shoppers and catalog retailers choose low expense parcel forwarding services. This is where the services of international shipping service providers come into action. To avail, the shipping services are quite simple and does not consume time as the buyer has to opt for the product. The buyer has to fill up some forms along with photo identification.

Buy Electronics with Parcel Forwarding

Recently we met questions about using parcel forwarding to buy electronics from USA. You can also find a lot of similar questions on so many forums and websites.

So today we’ll talk about things about buying electronics from USA with parcel forwarding service. The contents will include custom and taxes thing

This asker comes from Australia, he asks similar question just as one customer from New Zealand asked last time. At least we can see there’s growing demand of using parcel forwarding service from these 2 countries.

And finally, the asker couldn’t get an precise answer about if they could use the parcel forwarding service to buy electronics, because so many comments are issued by people who didn’t try it on, but also was trying to take a shot. Then the asker got a little confused and hesitate to use that parcel forwarding service to buy electronics. For some buyers who never try parcel forwarding, some answers look a little technical, I mean, a little complex to understand as too many data and custom things are mentioned. Some even answered with some terms and laws of Australia about import and export. This is also another reason why they hesitate to use this service, actually, the only thing they need to know is that the parcel forwarding companies have solved all these issues, the only thing you should care is the prices and the reputation of those companies.

Some answers mention the ability of those parcel forwarding companies on dealing with customers and taxes, as many parcel forwarding companies are exploiting tax free zones, but we’re not sure all of them have these capability to save much for the customers.

Some people mentioned shipping goods through Guam, because Guam enjoys a good position to help companies importing and exporting goods from China, India or any other countries, the answers suggest you try considering this way. Actually, you don’t need to care much about this, as that’s what the parcel forwarding companies should exploit and think about, that may become a good channel or route for them to ship all the goods, but you just need to care about which parcel forwarding company you should choose.

And it seems this asker also receives answer from some experienced buyers who use parcel forwarding very often. They suggest choose the best companies which have different parcel forwarding prices for different channels and routes, and take advantage of the best route for you. You may take it if they have a special route parcel forwading from USA to Australia and could handle the taxes thing very well.

Another method to solve all these questions is to send an e-mail or give a call to those parcel forwarding companies, and right now most of them even get online chat service, which you can find on their website homepage.

Another point you need to care about is to find everything about the parcel forwarding company you’re going to use and see if there’re too many flaws on search engine.

Parcel Forwarding from USA to Indonesia

Parcel forwarding is the main topic for all our recent articles and videos, and last time we wrote the introduction of parcel forwarding, especially parcel forwarding from USA to other countries

In this part, we’ll go on talking about parcel forwarding, but this time, we may talk about this business to only one country, Indonesia

Why do you choose Indonesia to make deeper instruction about parcel forwarding? Recently I interviewed someone in parcel forwarding industry, he told me at least 30% of all their parcel forwarding service orders come from Indonesia. After I heard this, I Google a lot of things about shopping online and parcel forwarding industry in Indonesia. There’re too many factors why Indonesia took this big position in all customers in that company.

There’re quite a lot of local business in Indonesia specializing in parcel forwarding, and the quantity is amazing. Most of them buy from US brands as online shoppers, but another bunch is businessman who purchased from USA and then distribute brand products in their local cities and towns in Indonesia. I don’t know why they’re so crazy buying from USA instead of India or China, maybe there have been a growing middle class families in Indonesia and they want to pursue better quality and brands. So notice it’s mostly middle class instead of all the people or classes. With the big population of Indonesia, the middle class account for a nice percentage and their consumption affect the total consumption of their shopping and business.

I also searched some local forums and found many forums are posting threads and coupons about buying and shipping from USA, and on some expat forums, many foreign students who study in Indonesia use parcel forwarding to shipping their needs and anything from USA, surely they also buy from USA with parcel forwarding service.

On some other forums for English speakers in Indonesia, they list many international services and among them parcel forwarding companies are very easy to be found. So you can see parcel forwarding is really popular in Indonesia

Then we need to know how to choose a good parcel forwarding company in Indonesia, I mean you can choose from their local parcel forwarding companies, but you can also consider to choose an US parcel forwarding company as their service is nice and mostly they have a warehouse in the USA, some companies even have 2 warehouses, maybe one in the east America, and one in the west America, and the stores you buy from can easily find the closest warehouse and send what you’ve ordered to that warehouse, this is the beginning of parcel forwarding service. Then the warehouse receives the goods and repack for you, and some of them photograph them and send photos to you to confirm. In a word, nowadays the parcel forwarding service is really complete and most parcel forwarding companies are reliable and trusted, so you can choose one from the USA. They use parcel forwarding to ship worldwide, surely includes Indonesia.

Why Not Try Parcel Forwarding for Buying from USA


Nowadays many people care about how the brands in USA are going. Even we found there’re so many classic brands in Europe, but so many people still buy from USA with parcel forwarding as the brands get together in USA and they were retailing all around the world

Parcel forwarding makes all these happen easily, even you consider the difficulties such as you don’t have an US credit card, you don’t have a US residential address or more. But parcel forwarding companies will solve all these for you. Let’s see how they work to make your shopping successfully happening with parcel forwarding

Many people search parcel forwarding by search engine like Google, and a percent of them make mistakes they input mail forwarding or mailing forwarding instead of exactly parcel forwarding. We need to know mail forwarding is different from parcel forwarding, mail forwarding has been around a long long time, maybe from the age when mail was created. Then some forwarder forward your mail to people you designated to receive. So it’s a traditional business, even nowadays till send postcard or files by mail forwarding. So this business is still running very well. But today we need to talk about parcel forwarding, or we call it package forwarding, this shipping business is relative to shopping especially shipping after shopping, and for you, maybe you need to care about international shipping as you’re not in the USA but buying online from USA and ship to your own country. Then today we’ll talk more about parcel forwarding from USA to your own country. Exactly to you doorstep.

The parcel forwarding companies will give you a free US shipping address and let you use it as your residential address in USA, I mean it’s like a virtual thing as you’re not living in USA at all, but this kind of thing is legal now, so many people just sign up with parcel forwarding companies and get free US shipping address, it’s like the parcel forwarding company is a middleman for you and they receive goods from online store and reship to your doorstep. Looks so perfect, right?

Then you need to care about what you should do after you sign up and get a free US shipping address. You just fill in the blanks when buying from online stores and then they’ll ship to the free US address, then the parcel forwarding companies receive the goods you’ve bought and store in their warehouse for one day or two days, some great and efficient parcel forwarding companies even help you send our in one day, so you can see the charming of parcel forwarding business, they’re really good things for online shoppers or businessmen who purchase from USA very often, it really save you a lot of cash. And if you stick to one company and keep as their member, they may let you benefit more and sometimes save eve 80%. But not every time that much.

A Nice Read of Parcel Forwarding Service



These days numerous individuals purchase from USA and US online stores. When you go to a US shopping site, you may discover it doesn’t give universal parcel forwarding outside USA. On the other hand on the off chance that it does, it costs excessively. In what manner would you be able to shop online from any US site and spend a great deal less to ship from USA to your entryway?

Parcel forwarding is right for you if you do a lot of online shopping.


Parcel forwarding benefits just give you a location when you join with them. When you have joined with them, you can utilize that parcel forwarding address at Online stores, eBay, BestBuy, stores and so forth to dispatch your buys to your new address. Contingent upon the level of administration they give, the parcel forwarding organization will dispatch these buys to you in your nation of origin at your assigned location.


Tips to make the most from these parcel forwarding administrations:


Less parcel forwarding cost by purchasing things in mass:


Since parcel forwarding costs charged by US parcel forwarding organizations have a tendency to be higher per unit for little things than for vast things, it’s typically better to purchase things in mass instead of little units. Along these lines, on the off chance that they were going to purchase garments, it’s likely better they purchase enough to refill their closet as opposed to purchasing single shirts or trousers. The Parcel forwarding cost for 1 kg of garments for occurrence may cost about $50 to be delivered to a specific landmass yet may cost only $250 for 10 kg along these lines lessening the expense per kg to simply $25. Along these lines, on the off chance that you were going to simply burn through $200 or so on Online stores and the preferences as a worldwide customer, it may cost you more to ship that on the off chance that you simply burned through $1000. You could utilize the online organization’s list of things to get to bit by bit construct your rundown of things and when they’ve amassed to a sensible worth, then you can purchase them by and large.


What I adore about shopping online from the US begins essentially from the accessibility of parcel forwarding administrations and afterward nowadays, venders are generally reliable and the items recorded are for the most part of good quality and are legitimately determined. Their English is similarly adequate and you generally get what you paid for with the precise components. So if shopping online from these US online shops is presently and want to use parcel forwarding service so quick you would likewise need to ensure you get yourself a quick parcel forwarding organization


It can likewise be addictive to shop on online on the grounds that when you begin purchasing things from them, you are more averse to quit doing as such since parcel forwarding is currently less of an issue.


You can purchase anything you need online regardless of the fact that you are outside the USA and you can have your product dispatched to you with any of the parcel forwarding overhauling organizations. We suggest you could have a good survey before using parcel forwarding services, as there’re many parcel forwarding company now, and you can choose one fits you.

What Is Parcel Forwarding

Parcel forwarding is a global shipping administration offered by shipping organizations to worldwide online customers who need to do cross-fringe internet shopping. Parcel forwarding is turning out to be increasingly well known among worldwide customers these days as a result of the high development rate of e-business sites and shipping impediments of most such sites. Parcel forwarding administration is given by parcel forwarders to make cross-fringe shopping advantageous and simple, disposing of the issues in installment and shipping. A parcel forwarding administration is not the same as mail forwarding. Mail forwarding alludes to the sends in customary significance, or magazines or papers that are regularly called sends, while parcel forwarding alludes to the online buys or requests that are sent inside a parcel.
Purchasing things on from outside the USA as a worldwide customer can be costlier not at all like for the individual purchasing from a nearby shopping site inside his nation. This is on account of one would need to consider a ton of different expenses other than simply the expense of obtaining it from Amazon.
Most global customers who purchase things on Amazon tend to make utilization of a US mail forwarding administration or shipping organization. This is on account of doesn’t offer worldwide shipping to numerous nations outside the USA not at all like how Alibaba or Aliexpress, MiniIntheBox does. In any case, that doesn’t imply that Amazon doesn’t acknowledge Visa or MasterCard issued from non-USA nations but instead they don’t transport the majority of their well done outside the USA.

Getting a US parcel forwarding organization or operators is for the most part important for non-occupant US purchasers most particularly from nations in Africa however numerous individuals there are still infatuated with American items and would need to purchase a great deal of stuff from these online organizations. That however implies that they would need to spend more than a US based client to get things they need from Amazon. And use parcel forwarding when buy from Amazon is a good choice.

There are a few reasons that brought about parcel forwarding administration into presence:

1. Fast improvement of online e-business shopping, parcel forwarding has become an option for both business and individuals.

2. The helpful of global checkout with PayPal and others, usually the parcel forwarding companies support multiple payment mehthods.

3. The necessities of customers in one nation that longing to purchase from online retailers from another nation, international parcel forwarding is a cross-border shipping method

4. Transit security and protection highlights gave by some providers.

5. The value contrasts between US stores and global stores, that’s why so many parcel forwarding service is for shipping from USA

A parcel forwarding administration works typically with five steps:

1. The customer first gets a local shipping address from a parcel forwarder.

2. The client puts in an online request and requests that the merchant deliver the buys to the parcel forwarder’s stockroom.

3. Parcel forwarding services handle the parcels, for example, repacking, union or capacity.

4. Shoppers pay the parcel forwarding company for taking care of parcel and worldwide shipping expense.

5. The parcel forwarding company boats out and online customers get the parcel at home.

So, why not, buy all you want from wherever as long as parcel forwarding services are accessible to you.

Why Choose Parcel Forwarding for Shopping from USA

Many people take shopping online as a passion, and most of them buy cross-border especially from USA, and many of them become seller and go in for e-commerce and grow big. In order to save more cost on international shipping when they import goods and delivery to customers, they need to find reliable shipping service such as parcel forwarding. Another reason why you do that is the parcel forwarding company offer you a lower price than some big name shipping company like DHL, USPS, FedEx, because these parcel forwarder have cooperation with these big companies and also get lower price in contract. From this, we can also know that the service or shipping speed of these parcel forwarding companies are reliable and economic.

Let’s see why they need parcel forwarding instead of general shipping services. One advantage for their small business grow is that they buy from USA of some great brand products then distribute in their own country. Because some brands don’t supply international shipping service. Then use need to use parcel forwarding which could get them an US shipping address and deliver goods to their door. And you can sign up for free to get a free us shipping address. Some parcel forwarding company even give you two shipping address, maybe one in east America, another one in west America. Then you have multiple choice to delivery what you want to forward to the closest one.

Most parcel forwarding company also supply mail forwarding service.


There’re many things to care about when look for a company supplying parcel forwarding service.

And most parcel forwarding company offers you a calculator by which you can estimate your shipping cost before using their parcel forwarding service. And they also track your parcel after they send out to you, so you can check online where it is. And most parcel forwarding company also provide you a duration time to keep your goods in their warehouse, and they’ll send it out at the right time you required, but the duration is free only in a limited time, most are 30 to 60 days.

After the parcel forwarding company received your goods, they do parcel consolidation, scanning and repacking in their warehouse in USA. Some companies offer free photographs, some do not.

Parcel forwarding companies accept a variety of payment method, such as Paypal, VISA, MaterCard and so on. As parcel forwarding service is a fast growing industry, now it’s available for almost each country and zones worldwide.

There’re many parcel forwarding companies in the world, not only in USA, but many countries in which the parcel forwarding companies serve their local shoppers and small business to shop and ship from USA. And different parcel forwarder have their own advantages, just like what we talked above. Another advantage of them is the special line or dedicated channel to some specific countries, so you may consider which parcel forwarding company you choose for a long-term running.

I wish you’ll have a happy shopping or purchasing from USA.

Parcel Forwarding Service Helps You Buy from US Online Store

Parcel Forwarding

Nowadays many people buy from USA and US online stores. When you go to an US shopping site, you may find it doesn’t provide international shipping outside USA. Or if it does, it costs too much. How can you shop online from any US website and spend much less for shipping from USA to your door?

Parcel forwarding is a right choice for you.


First of all, let’s see what parcel forwarding is.

Parcel forwarding, or what we call package forwarding, is an international shipping service help shoppers and business do cross-border shopping and purchasing.

There’re many parcel forwarding companies in the world, and some of them specialize in domestic business, some of them specialize in international parcel forwarding service. And most of them also provide mail forwarding service.

So how to find a parcel forwarding company which offers lower shipping prices?

Today I’m introducing a brand name in parcel forwarding industry. USGoBuy in Portland, Oregan. A professional parcel forwarding agent which helps you ship from you have bought from USA to other countries.

So you can shop from any US store and save a lot of international shipping costs with parcel forwarding of USGoBuy


Here’s how USGoBuy works

  1. Sign up USGoBuy to get a free US shipping address

Easy signup is the first step to let customers enjoy parcel forwarding service. After you sign up, you’ll receive an unique US shipping address which you can check when login USGoBuy dashboard.


  1. Submit your parcel of item link to USGoBuy


Parcel Forwarding Service

You can submit your parcel to USGoBuy if you only need to use parcel forwarding service for the goods you have bought, USGoBuy will forward your parcel to your doorstep no matter which country you’re living in.


BuyForMe Service

Or make it even easier, fetch the link of item you’re buying to USGoBuy, they’ll buy it for you and ship it to your door.

There’re many factors you can’t buy from US online stores, such as the stores only sell to US residents, the stores don’t provide international shipping. With BuyForMe service of USGoBuy, they buy what you want to shop and then ship to you by parcel forwarding. So it’s a benefit for online shoppers who buy frequently from USA.


  1. USGoBuy receives your items in their warehouse

After receiving your parcel in the warehouse in Portland, Oregan, USGoBuy photographs each item and upload to the system where you can check online about the status of your goods.


  1. Your item will be photographed and repacked

USGoBuy repacks your items into one shipment to help save money. Customers could rest assured about the safety and integrity of their goods. And USGoBuy is developing this process and trying to offer customers a repack report with photos and details about repacking.


Low shipping rates is an advantage of USGoBuy parcel forwarding service and all USGoBuy customers are enjoying the benefits.


USGoBuy is in cooperation with DHL, USPS and FeDex and USGoBuy offers lower prices than their officials. USGoBuy has signed contracts with the big name international shipping companies on parcel forwarding business and get lower price by assuring the parcel quantity in a year. Even the big name companies above offer much lower prices, but they’re not losing anything because the quantity of signups and use frequency of USGoBuy parcel forwarding service gives them lower profits but big turnovers. That’s the reason why parcel forwarding service of USGoBuy is popular nowadays.


Visit and prepare for your next shopping from USA with USGoBuy parcel forwarding service.