A Detailed Comparison of top 5 Package Forwarding Services from USA

It is no secret that there are a lot of great deals and unique products available from the United States online retailers. Unfortunately purchasing these can be quite a struggle if you reside outside of the U.S. Companies often do no offer international shipping, or they charge outrageous prices for this global shipping service. Luckily there are package forwarding services available that will forward your purchases from US to your international address. But choosing the best one to save your money is not an easy task. Below are five package forwarders along with a comparison of their prices and fees.


USGoBuy supplies you with a free U.S. delivery address for you to send your packages to. They inform you by mail to your account whenever your packages arrive and you can then ask for your packages to be delivered. USGoBuy does not charge any membership, setup or storage fees, however they will dispose of your package after 90 days if you have not requested it to be forwarded. They also offer a personal shopper which will add five percent to your purchase. A personal shopper allows you to buy from sites that do not accept non-us credit cards or billing addresses. They partner with DHL, USPS and FedEx for shipping. What attracts shoppers most about USGoBuy is that they offer free repacking, free consolidation and a lot more free services!

set up with USGoBuy


If you choose to go with MyUS you will have your packages sent to their U.S location, much like USGoBuy. MyUS offer different membership fees, the cheapest of which is a one-time 10 dollar fee. You can also choose a premium or premium+mail membership which increases your free storage period (from 5 days to 30) and your personal shopper fee (from between five and ten percent to between three and six percent). These memberships are charged for on either an annual or monthly basis and are between 60 and 195 dollars per year. This membership fee for most online shoppers is not a necessity if they choose USGoBuy and other package forwarders.

MyUS services and fees


Shipito will set you up with multiple U.S addresses to ship your items to. When they receive your item they will notify you via email and even send you a picture of your package. All these will charge you quite some money! This company does not require a setup fee, but they do charge you an extra dollar per package on top of the shipping cost. If you want to be able to send more than one package at a time, you will need to purchase a virtual mailbox with them, which is 50 dollars per year or ten dollars per month. Who would like to pay 50 USD even before they start their US online shopping? I guess quite few!

shipito services and fees


This company advertises they will repack your packages for you to try to reduce shipping cost! However it turns out that all of the previous companies will do this as well – some even without charging you anything like USGoBuy! It is very hard to find any information on their prices and fees without giving out your full name and email address. It turns out their setup prices start at five dollars and they have a 100 dollar annual fee for their business account. They also only use DHL and Fedex where the previous companies offered USPS as well. Another thing that may harm user experience is they seem to have multiple sites on the same business but under different names, such as Citi Globeshopper, Borderlessbuys, ShopOnline, ShopUOBLadys and others. This reduces our trust on comGateway.

No clear services and fees policy available on comGateWay official site!


ReShip also requires a five dollar setup fee. These fees seem odd as only some of the companies require them. Like Shipito they also offer photographs of your purchase, they do however charge you a fee. As to package consolidation, you will be charged at least 7 USD for up to 5 packages. Also you will be asked to pay for 1 USD per day if you have stored your package at their warehouse more than 2 months. Actually it is hard to convince shoppers to choose ReShip to forward your packages.

reship services and fees

Who has the lowest shipping rate?

It seems like all of the shipping prices will vary based the shipping companies current rates. Do keep in mind though that lower shipping rate does not mean less costs in total. Some will also charge you an extra dollar on top of the shipping costs.

Comparison table of top 5 package forwarders’ services and fees

For a quick overview of the top 5 USA package forwarders, I have listed their services and fees in the table below. Take a look and it will not be difficult to make your decision!

comparison of top 5 US package forwarding services

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