All You Need to Know About Amazon International Shipping & AmazonGlobal

Many people enjoy shopping on Amazon as the prices of items are affordable and the selections are unlimited. American customers shopping on Amazon have various options for shipping, even free shipping available. However, such options may not be available to international customers outside US. Amazon international shipping is indeed one serious problem facing overseas customers who really want to buy from Amazon US.


Downsides of AmazonGlobal Program: high shipping costs with limited products


Amazon does have their AmazonGlobal program available for people in specific non-US countries. This sounds like a good solution for certain customers, but not everyone will benefit from this AmazonGlobal program. One downside is the international shipping rates are often higher and many items are not eligible for international shipping. Another aspect to keep in mind is some customers often need to pay import fees. A customer will also have taxes and duty fees that apply besides the high shipping fees. These added costs will often be much more than the cost of the products you buy.

AmazonGlobal fails

Solution to Amazon International Shipping: USGoBuy package forwarding service


This does not mean there is no affordable way of accomplishing Amazon international shopping! One such option available for customers who want to avoid Amazon international shipping is USGoBuy package forwarding service.
Any customer no matter where they are located is able to use our cheap package forwarding service and international shipping for Amazon. This option can be used to save money on international shipping costs and all the items that are purchased on Amazon. International customers are able to buy various types of items at American prices and have them shipped out of US at affordable prices.

Reliable and affordable package forwarding

Customers will need to register for a free US address to avail our Amazon package forwarding service. Customers will use this address as the shipping address for Amazon orders. With this free US address, international orders are qualified for free shipping conditions within US. Amazon will then ship the package to our warehouse. Notification is then made to the customer via email when we receive the package. The customer will then notify us and provide details for how their item to be shipped. Packages will then be consolidated and sent out once the shipping cost is paid.


There are many benefits using our Amazon international shipping service. International shoppers can buy from Amazon US without borders and save most on shipping and product price!


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