Prohibited and Restricted items list

There are certain restrictions as to what you can ship with certain shipping methods. This is list of prohibited and restricted items for all of our shipping methods available.

Global Shipping Restrictions
*USGoBuy currently cannot ship any electronic equipment or any equipment that requires ECCN# (Export Control Classification Number)

*Pressurized gas, canister.

*Firearms parts, gun parts, scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, ammunition etc.
*Flammable, explosive, corrosive items.
*Tobacco products.
*Any restricted items under ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury.
DHL Shipping Restrictions

*Any item prohibited by any applicable legislation or regulation restricting transport such as ivory, seeds,
*Hazardous, combustible or explosive material.
*Nail Polish
*Cremated remain
*Firearms parts, gun parts, scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, ammunition etc.
*Perfume, cologne
*Airsoft, bb guns
*Alcohol based hand-sanitizer, flammable liquid
*Live or dead plants or animals.
*Negotiable securities and certificates, precious metal, currency, coins
*Corrosive material
*Perishable Foodstuffs.
*Any restricted items under ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury.


USPS Shipping Restrictions

*Hazardous, combustible or explosive material.
*Perishable Foodstuffs.
*Live or dead plants or animals.
*Hazardous, combustible or explosive material.
*Alcohol in any form.
*Alcohol base hand-sanitizer
*Corrosive materials, flammable liquid
*Firearms gun parts, scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, ammunition etc.
*Knives (cutlery, sword, tactical knives)
*Cremated remains.
*Lithium Ion Batteries, only 2 per packages and must be installed in devices
*Any restricted items under ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury.

FedEx Shipping Restrictions

*Perishable Foodstuffs.
*Live or dead plants or animals.
*Any item prohibited by any applicable legislation or regulation restricting transport such as ivory
*Any restricted items under ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury.
*Hazardous, combustible or explosive, corrosive materials.
*Negotiable securities and certificates.
*Alcohol base hand-sanitizer, flammable liquid
*Alcohol, liquor
*Cremated remains.
*Firearms parts, gun parts, scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, ammunition etc.
*Any restricted items under ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury.

*Any item prohibited by any applicable legislation or regulation restricting transport
*Hazardous, combustible or explosive material.
*Perishable Foodstuffs.
*Alcohol base hand-sanitizer, flammable fragrance
*All Liquids, regardless of container size/type (also oils included in machine parts, etc.)
*Alcohol in any form.
*Corrosive materials.
* Firearms gun parts, scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, ammunition etc. Even Airsoft pistol/guns.
* Pornographic and/or politically offensive material.
* Knives (Cutlery, swords, tactical knives)
*Cremated remains.
*Any restricted items under ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury.
*No limit on Lithium Batteries that are installed in devices or packed with devices
*Fake/dummy/replica/game/toy weapons, paintball guns, BB guns, antique weapons, swords, knives, etc.
*Live or dead animals
*Tobacco (certain destinations)
*International passports (certain destinations)
*Foodstuff, plants/seeds (certain destinations)
*Medicine Drugs, prescription (certain destinations)
*Hazardous cosmetics and creams
*Batteries (Lithium, consumer batteries, car-boat-machine batteries)
*Indecent and pornographic materials
*Items and substances, the possession or use of which is prohibited by law
*Money, payment cards, money orders, traveler cheques, etc.
*Articles of exceptional value: like jewelry, precious metals and stones, diamonds, works of art, antiques, etc


For further details, please visit

Shipping lithium batteries from USA

Electronics, mobile phones, digital products in USA are much cheaper than anywhere else in the world, which is why many customers use USGoBuy. Most electronic products contain lithium batteries, they are also limited in the international transport.

Check the list of restricted and prohibited items to ship with USGoBuy.

Due to regulations by the IATA, FAA and the TSA, USGoBuy no longer will be able to ship loose Lithium Ion batteries (PI965) for our customers. This includes spare cell phone, and Laptop batteries, as well as power banks, and mobile chargers. 

When you are ready to send out the package, please confirm which shipping method you can transport the lithium batteries and under which conditions.

DHL ships lithium batteries as long as they are shipped within the guidelines of PI966 and PI967.Packages with more than 2 batteries Require MSDS form to be submitted.

  • PI966 will require rigid outer packaging in order to provide protection from damage or compression from the batteries, the inner packaging must be placed in a strong, rigid, outer packaging.
  • For Example: If your items like laptops, iphones etc. do not come with original box, please place a special request to have the items to be repacked in a cardboard box and then place in the shipping box. Basically double box the items.

*MSDS will be required for the following countries regardless amount of batteries in your package: Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

USPS: ships lithium batteries, limit 2 items contains batteries per package, must be installed in the devices

FedEx: ships lithium batteries, no limit

【International parcel forwarder】Consolidation

How Consolidation of Packages Works

Consolidation of packages means the collection of items in a small package to a large package.

Customer select packages that need to be consolidated, then you need to choose a courier to shipping out; we suggest that the USPS size limit (26″ X13″ X13″). We do not recommend consolidating packages bigger than the USPS limit of 26″x13″x13″. These larger packages have an increased risk of damage during shipping.

When the warehouse receives your request, we will check and confirm the items correctly again, according to your demand, we can get rid of the unnecessary items, which may help you reduce the postage.

You have three options:

  • Keep original invoices.
  • Remove all unnecessary packaging (such as shoe boxes).
  • Ship with best choice of carrier if selected one does not work.
  • If you are planning on reselling the products, we recommend “Keep original invoices”.

You can find a larger text box under “Other requirements” on the Consolidation page. You can also attach special requirements, we will be packaged according to these requirements. If you are concerned with fragile items, you can always add additional packaging materials for special requirements. There is also an option to keep fragile items in the original box.

USGoBuy will then attempt to consolidate all your request items into one package, if there are any extra items, we will put them in another package, unless otherwise specified in the “Other requirements”.

Once the consolidation is complete, we will measure the package and weigh it again. If you would like some photos for it, please click the button “Request Photos”.

Please allow up to 1-2 working days to process all consolidation requests.

How to Submit a Consolidation Request

You can maximize your savings by becoming our silver member, which means you can combine several smaller packages into a larger package.

Here’s how it works:

When we receive a new package, we will carry out measuring and weighing, including waybill number and delivery information will be sent to your account, so you can easily manage each package

When we consolidate your various packages, we always find the most efficient method.

First you’ll need to log into your account and click on “My Packages.” This page shows all of your packages in the warehouse. Then select the packages you need to consolidate, click “Pre-Packaging”, and please remember to fill in the items information, which is related to the warehouse to check your goods and customs clearance. You need to select the operation of the package, and then click “Submit”.

When consolidation is complete, we will measure and weigh package again, and then send the latest information to your account.

After that, you will need to complete the following options:

  • Choose shipping address
  • Choose courier as you like
  • You can add shipping insurance
  • You can use coupon or promotion code if you have one
  • Then complete payment after confirmation

Shipping Cost Calculator for Shipping from USA to Your Country

In case you want to get an estimate for shipping a package with the help of the shipping cost calculator, some information is required. Weight is considered to be a significant aspect in calculating the expense of shipping. You can easily measure the weights to the one hundredth of a pound. You may round up from the hundredth of a pound. A 10.01-pound package is rated at only eleven pounds.

You need to measure the width, length, and height of the package to one-quarter of an inch. In most of the instances, you may round up the next inch in case the dimension you are measuring is more than the inch marker on the measurement of your tape. A dimension of at least 13.25 is actually rounded to only 14 inches.

Shipping Cost Calculator

You need to be aware of the destination zip code and it assists in rating the package as the nation is segregated into zones by the various shipping firms. In case the origin zone is farther from the destination zone, the package will be more expensive to ship.

It is quite simple for the shipping firms to find the businesses and it is here that the shipping cost calculator becomes a handy tool. The various types of business exhibit their address on the building. Several places of living actually do not. You can find the businesses in the town’s center and the various residences are there in the very remote regions.

Different shipping firms charge more for the residential deliveries rather than the commercial destinations. A business that is home based is taken to be a residence. It is right for the shipping products to make use of a shipping cost calculator. Shipping to a guest makes the classification of the shipment as residential and shipping to the hotel staff in the office further classifies the shipment as commercial.

Various shipping firms have made the division of the country into different zones and they provide assured delivery days and times that differ by zone to zone. You can find different online tools such as the shipping cost calculator that may be used to eradicate the expense of package shipping. The shipping cost calculator is of immense use nowadays.

You can easily find some shipping cost calculators that make use of the information shown above in order to estimate the shipping expense of your package from the USA to your country. You may make use of the service of your helpful local UPS store location through a fast telephone call and they have a facility of the shipping cost calculator. The list is readily accessible for a quick estimate for your shipment by making use of the shipping cost calculator.

One who has purchased or sold the products online is aware of the shipping and handling charges and there are online tools like the shipping cost calculator for you to help you. In case the shipping charges are high, most of the prospective customer will leave their carts. In case the shipping charges are less, the merchant may lose money. The merchants who do not charge the right shipping rates may be fined and their reputation may be tarnished.

You need to strike a perfect balance when it is regarding the shipping and handling charges in the e-commerce store. There are varied means to use this. To configure the shipping charges is quite a simple task and all you need is a shipping cost calculator. You need to calculate your rate with the help of the shipping cost calculator and get the rate charts that are applicable for the kind of shipping contracts that you possess and the various shipping methods that you utilize.

Welcome to visit USGoBuy shipping cost calculator==>

How to Use Shipping Cost Calculator for Package Forwarding


In case you happen to sell a product and you want to calculate the shipping price the product from a specific location to its final destination, you may do it in two easy ways and one of the ways is to use a shipping cost calculator. You may include some freight prices in every product you sell. The buyer thinks that there are no concealed charges of the freight. He may calculate the precise freight charge of every product with the help of the shipping cost calculator and it has to be inclusive of the total invoice.

A prospective purchaser will view the lowest of the prices. You have to take note that the freight shipping expenses are quoted on a port to port basis. You will have to consider some aspects in calculating the expenses of the freight and a shipping cost calculator will make you do it with ease.

Shipping Cost Calculator


In order to calculate your freight shipping expenses by a shipping cost calculator you have to include the volume weight or the real weight of your consignment. The total weight of the pallets utilized to transfer your consignments and also the expense of loading is generally utilized in the transport and also the real expense of the products along with the terminal fees. There is also an inclusion of the documentations fees and you need to take it into account when using the shipping cost calculator.

There are several important aspects of calculating the expense of your freight shipping with the help of the shipping cost calculator. Some of the aspects that are given above will most likely incur some extra expenses relying on the trade terms you have inserted with the shipping firm. The inclusion in trade terms may cover some of the areas like moving expenses and port expenses.

The freight shipping cost products are normally concealed and can be cumbersome to have a proper estimate that you are acquainted with. There are some expenses linked with transporting your products through the air and the charges may differ on some conditions. There are some aspects that make develop some complex situations at most of the destination points.

The shipped products may be at the destination for some weeks or months due to these hidden charges. It is pivotal to know these aspects prior to calculating the freight shipping expenses and a shipping cost calculator is handy. You can actually lessen the expenses of your freight in many ways. One such method is to utilize a transport agreement which will have loading and unloading expenses with the change between one mode of transport to the other.

You need to find the lowest rates with the help of the shipping cost calculator provided by the shipment carriers and ensure you get in touch with the shipping association prior to devising a plan to do the transportation of your products. You have to make yourself familiar with the least charges on the freight, for example, the air freight that arrives with 10 to 20 kg White Sea freight. You need to remember these suggestions and it will help in reduction of freight shipping expenses by making use of the shipping cost calculator.

The rates of the freight rely on several aspects. These aspects include the cargo weight and the size of the freight class. You may utilize the shipping cost calculator in order to find the freight rates on your own. This will provide you immense confidence that you require about being aware of the goods that will be shipped at a specific expense without facing any difficulty with the help of the shipping cost calculator.

Welcome to calculate your shipping price==>

US Unlocked and USGoBuy Announce Partnership, Creating Shipping Solutions for Global Consumers

Portland, June 22th

US Unlocked and USGoBuy enable thousands of foreign consumers worldwide to reach U.S. businesses by using the US Unlocked Virtual Visa Prepaid Card combined with a USGoBuy personal US package forwarding address. This address is used as both the ship to and bill to address on U.S. web sites. This combination of services enables global consumers to shop for U.S. items and services they want and receive them in their country of residence.

US Unlocked offers an approved virtual Visa account, designed specifically to allow non U.S. citizens to buy increasingly popular U.S. goods and services. A growing global middle class with increasing purchase power want to shop and ship the goods to their homes, creating a demand for global commerce, shipping and payment solutions.

Brion Bonkowski, CEO of Tern Commerce said: “We are excited to be working with our new partner, USGoBuy, as we strive to provide world class service to our joint customers. We are pleased they are now a certified partner and are looking forward to growing our relationship – bringing our strategic strengths together to serve our foreign customers.”

Package Forwarding

USGoBuy insure the safety and speed of consolidation and package forwarding. USGoBuy keep improving their membership system and offer benefits to members signed up. Business member such as online stores are deeply cooperating with USGoBuy and developing their mutual purchase system.

“We’re here to offer competitive shipping rates to our customers and experienced members, we try to help them save more during the booming international e-commerce and shipping demand. Our another goals is to help many small international buyers and stores to a new level and grow big.” said Leo Guo, CEO at USGoBuy

The solution
By making available a US based virtual debit card, coupled with an approved US package forwarding address as the card’s billing address, US Unlocked and USGoBuy are able to offer customers unprecedented access to highly sought after goods and services they were never before able to purchase, creating substantial savings for global consumers.

Package Forwarding from USA

The goods
Popular brands such as Ralph Lauren, Williams & Sonoma, GAP and Victoria’s Secret, and retailers such as Amazon, Zappos and Sephora are often either not available in certain geographies or cost prohibitive to buy locally are now possible to purchase. Our consumers purchase genuine big brand names, luxury goods, nutraceuticals, baby goods/formula, digital goods, auto parts, medical equipment and many other products are sent to happy consumers daily by package forwarding.


The US Unlocked Virtual Card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa, U.S.A. Inc. “Metropolitan” and “Metropolitan Commercial Bank” are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank © 2014.


Contact information

Tel:+1 (503) 384-2291
Contact Person: Ken
address: 14121 NE Airport Way, Portland, Oregon 97230


Get DHL Price 30%+ Off for Digital & Any Other Products

Many guys are buying electronics or digital products from USA, such as Amazon USA, eBay. Then the only thing matters is shipping price from USA, and we even give up the purchase plan as the shipping price is reaching the product price. Or another important reason is the tax for electronics. Then package forwarding company may be a good choice for us as we can get lower price from them if we choose big name shipping service like DHL, USPS. Actually those package forwarding company just make contracts with DHL, USPS and get lower price, so we can regard them as distributors of DHL and USPS.

USGoBuy is one of the best package forwarding company I’ve ever used before, and I can get a free US shipping address by signing up and submit my package I’ve bought to them then they ship for me with discount price. The speed is just like DHL, but with much lower prices.

USGoBuy will have an activity for both new users and old customers, super low prices for using DHL service by USGoBuy during June 15th to June 30th, I believe it’s one of their best promotions in this year as it really could save a lot as I’ve calculated.

Package Forwarding

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Finding the Best Prices for Parcel Forwarding

Parcel Forwarding from USA

When a business is always shipping packages, they will want to match the rates of their present firm to other that provide the same service. International parcel forwarding is something that can be very costly and is not provided by every shipping firm. The best prices are vital for every business as well as customer level satisfaction.

When firms are in business, they want to ensure that they are choosing the best rates because it is going to have an effect on the income margin on each product that they are delivering. It will also affect the price that they have to charge their customers for shipping as well. There are a lot of advantages to being capable to match these charges.

International parcel forwarding has to be kept at a rate that people are capable to afford. There are many different sized packages. Some of them many include fragile packages while other may not.

The care of these as well as the price that the package gets is going to be very vital to consider. Not everybody has the same choices though. One perfect thing about some firms is that they provide tracking of the package from the time it is shipped until it reaches its place.

This can be a large benefit for many factors. Selecting the best options are not forever simple though. There are some packages that should be shipped with a definite carrier because of the kind of material that is being shipped.

When people are considering common merchandise that does not have any unique package needs, they should be capable to match the rates and select something that can save them on the charges.

International parcel forwarding can be hard depending on where it is being shipped from or to. Finding the right place with all of the top options can be a hard process sometimes, but it does not have to be.

The convenience of ordering online shipping and being competent to print off the label at house is going to be a convenience too. There are a lot of people that will advantage from this. They can position for the pickup of the package and can be done with it.

When somebody can be careful of everything and have it picked up from their office or home without having to go anywhere, this can keep them times as well. This is something that people enjoy about being capable to order their online shopping.

It is an ease that lets them continue doing what they need to perform. They do not have to travel and finish up wasting more time. Time is something that is very vital also.

The costs are vital, but time costs money in the business globe. If someone has to spend their time going to the location to ship a package, then they were not competent to complete other jobs. It is something that may not be a large deal to some people, but for others, it is something that is extremely vital.

Matching costs each time a package is delivered does not have to take hours either. When someone is capable to match these rats by visiting on sit, it is extremely helpful. Not everybody knows about these sits, but it is something that they can learn about extremely fast and get used to visiting.

Parcel Forwarding Made Easy

Parcel Forwarding from USA

Nowadays parcel forwarding is an aspect of chance and uncertainty. With the assistance of technology and the web, one can control how to forward an item. Today there are many online mail forwarding companies who give you the different tools to manage different facet of forwarding online.

A mail view manager is a basic tool with which you can manage various parcel forwarding aspects. There are many commercial parcel forwarding companies that give you a rental mailbox with which you can forward your items with ease. This mailbox usually has got a proper physical street address so as to get items from all kinds of courier services that include the post office.

The mail view manager has all the items in your mailbox so that you can view what and when you have got an item. There are some firms that give you an extra option of getting email notifications for the items that come in your mailbox.

There is total flexibility when making the schedules. You have the option of making fixed schedules according to your requirements. There is an infinite amount of addresses that you can utilize when making these schedules. It does not need to be a residential address or a business. It may be a spa resort that you can attend in that particular duration of time.

The good mail forwarding firms have got accredited representatives of the shipping forwarders that they partner with to give you an effective mail forwarding service. You may find the globally recognized A-List firms that have got efficient networks to give appropriate services. These can be DHL, UPS, and FedEx.

When a schedule is made, it is a usual practice to have queries from the shipping forwarders emailed to you directly. This convenience will give you an estimate depending on the criteria you had when you made the schedule.

You may find many ancillary services that help you in saving on delivery expenses or when you require more time to store your parcels. The service of repackaging will enable you to have to have many items in a box. When you blend the items into one or more boxes, it is quite affordable than forwarding the items one by one when you take into account the flat fee per box. In order to prevent you from getting extra expenses because of forwarding bad correspondence, you may choose appropriate junk mail items and request that is eradicated. This is usually done free of cost.

Safe warehouse storage enables you to store your parcels for an extra duration of time till you are ready to forward them. It has been observed that online shoppers and catalog retailers choose low expense parcel forwarding services. This is where the services of international shipping service providers come into action. To avail, the shipping services are quite simple and does not consume time as the buyer has to opt for the product. The buyer has to fill up some forms along with photo identification.