Best Times of the Year for International Shopper to Shop US and Save Money

If you, as international shoppers, want to grab the best bargains, it’s important to know when to shop and for which items. We have done a research on this and list below these traditional US bargain days to save your time and money.

best times of the year to shop

January White Sales

The January White Sale is an American tradition of long-standing. In January, you will find great sales on linens, especially sheets, pillows, pillow covers, bed spreads and other coverings.

President’s Day Sales

February is a great month for new car sales.

Easter Sales 

Spring heralds good bargains on winter outerwear, such as coats, sweaters, gloves hats, and boots, as well as men’s suits, shirts and ties. Good bargains are available on used cars and accessories, graduation gifts, laptops, cookware sets, college essentials, and vacuum cleaners.

Mother’s Day

Around Mother’s Day, look for good buys on cookware, vacuum cleaners, perfume gift sets and women’s’ casual clothes.

Father’s Day

As Father’s Day draws near, expect hardware stores and mega-centers like Home Depot to offer big on hand tools ranging from drills and sanders to power tools.

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day Sales usually offer strong bargains on such items as furniture, linens, home décor, dinnerware, video games, electronics, flat screen TVs and laptops.

Labor Day Sales

Labor Day is the time to consider purchasing big appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, plants, gardening equipment, laptops and school supplies.

July 4th Sales  

Independence Day Sales traditionally include good buys on room and dining room furniture, summer party goods, swimwear, sandals and beach towels. Towards month’s end, watch for sales on and barbecue equipment…

Back to School Sales

August and September bring good offerings for children’s clothing and back-to-school items, such as backpacks, and laptops. Also look for good sales on camping gear yard equipment, and patio furniture.

Columbus Day Sales

Good bargains can be found on furniture, mattresses and recliners, fans and air conditioners.

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and it is a big day for savings, especially at “Big Box “stores, such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, and Sears. Crowds of shoppers converge to seek the best holiday buys on favorite toys, flat screen televisions, jewelry, clothing, and laptops.

Christmas and Post-Holiday Sales

Christmas decorations, wrap, and gift tags are among the best after Christmas deals.

Remember, if you want to catch the best deals on everything you purchase in the US, it’s all in the timing! Don’t forget to use our package forwarding service to save your money!

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