Why Choose Parcel Forwarding for Shopping from USA

Many people take shopping online as a passion, and most of them buy cross-border especially from USA, and many of them become seller and go in for e-commerce and grow big. In order to save more cost on international shipping when they import goods and delivery to customers, they need to find reliable shipping service such as parcel forwarding. Another reason why you do that is the parcel forwarding company offer you a lower price than some big name shipping company like DHL, USPS, FedEx, because these parcel forwarder have cooperation with these big companies and also get lower price in contract. From this, we can also know that the service or shipping speed of these parcel forwarding companies are reliable and economic.

Let’s see why they need parcel forwarding instead of general shipping services. One advantage for their small business grow is that they buy from USA of some great brand products then distribute in their own country. Because some brands don’t supply international shipping service. Then use need to use parcel forwarding which could get them an US shipping address and deliver goods to their door. And you can sign up for free to get a free us shipping address. Some parcel forwarding company even give you two shipping address, maybe one in east America, another one in west America. Then you have multiple choice to delivery what you want to forward to the closest one.

Most parcel forwarding company also supply mail forwarding service.


There’re many things to care about when look for a company supplying parcel forwarding service.

And most parcel forwarding company offers you a calculator by which you can estimate your shipping cost before using their parcel forwarding service. And they also track your parcel after they send out to you, so you can check online where it is. And most parcel forwarding company also provide you a duration time to keep your goods in their warehouse, and they’ll send it out at the right time you required, but the duration is free only in a limited time, most are 30 to 60 days.

After the parcel forwarding company received your goods, they do parcel consolidation, scanning and repacking in their warehouse in USA. Some companies offer free photographs, some do not.

Parcel forwarding companies accept a variety of payment method, such as Paypal, VISA, MaterCard and so on. As parcel forwarding service is a fast growing industry, now it’s available for almost each country and zones worldwide.

There’re many parcel forwarding companies in the world, not only in USA, but many countries in which the parcel forwarding companies serve their local shoppers and small business to shop and ship from USA. And different parcel forwarder have their own advantages, just like what we talked above. Another advantage of them is the special line or dedicated channel to some specific countries, so you may consider which parcel forwarding company you choose for a long-term running.

I wish you’ll have a happy shopping or purchasing from USA.

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