Cross Border Shopping – Top Countries that Buy From the US

The United States of America has become an important center in the world of e-commerce. This is due to several reasons. Often times, residents of other countries find that purchasing goods from the United States is comparatively cheaper than ordering from within their own country. The sheer volume and variety of goods available in the US also makes it an attractive place for online purchases. Another reason is the availability of US package forwarding service (like USGoBuy) at cheap prices. Due to these reasons, as well as many others, people from all over the world choose to order from US retailers. This practice has become known as “Cross Border Shopping.” But do you know which countries contain the most cross border shoppers and why?

Countries That Have the Most Cross Border Shoppers

According to Multichannel Merchant’s MCM Outlook 2014, the countries that take part in the most cross border shopping include Canada (83.9%), Australia (54%), New Zealand 39.5%), Japan (39.5%), Italy (37.1%), Brazil (33.9%), China (33.1%), India (26.6%), Russia (23.4%), and the UK (14.5%).

countries that buy most from US stores

Why Do Canada and Australia Have the Most Cross Border Shoppers?

Canada and Australia have the vast majority of cross border shoppers for a variety of reasons.


Canada alone is responsible for 37% of cross border shopping. Located immediately to the north of the US, Canada benefits from proximity. This makes shipping easy. Canadians are able to find US retailers that either carry items not available in Canada or sell them at a cheaper price.


Australian consumers are able to find goods from US retailers that are significantly cheaper than from Australian retailers. Australian companies have not yet adapted to the world of e-commerce and purchasing items in-store does not provide as much variety as online shopping. As well, items sold at retail in Australia are very expensive. As added incentive to order from other countries, Australia does not employ any tariffs or duties on items below AUD $1000.

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