Disclaimer, some problems may occur in your package


  1. Fragile goods: In addition to loss of claims, the other circumstances are not within the claims range

Common fragile items: Ceramic (for example: cups, cutlery), glass (e.g. camera lens, eyeglass lens, cosmetic case lens, light ornament), liquid crystal display (e.g. mobile phone, TV)

  1. Contraband and undeclared client, false, concealed the loss caused by the goods, lost items, damage are not within the scope of claims
  2. Contraband returned or the customer forwards them to another shipping company resulting in loss or damage, no claims
  3. Customer refused to sign the parcel, refused to pay the tax caused by the return of the parcel, or the user-specified clearance company handles the loss or damage caused by transit, no claims
  4. Confiscated by the customs (if not through the customs commodity inspection), no claims
  5. The seller is missing some items when shipping, forget some of the items or make some wrong items or before delivery to our warehouse, the goods have been the presence of inferior quality or shortage of the items, no claims
  6. Gift within the parcel, sample missing or damaged, not claims
  7. Due to force majeure, such as: natural disasters, riots, war, customs clearance, flight delays, delays and other delays, resulting in changes in the nature of the goods, such as over warranty, over warranty, etc., no claims
  8. Liquid or paste products produced by leakage of the situation, no claims
  9. Cannot provide the above claims material situation, no claims
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