How Mail Forwarding Service Works for International Online Shopping?

With the world becoming a global village, anyone from anywhere can shop online without borders. Of course, USA stores are one of the top shopping destinations for international customers, since they have many top brands and many discounts & promotions. Some US stores do not ship outside USA, while others may offer international shipping options. But this does not mean using the merchant’s international shipping will be your best choice and money-saving, especially when you know the existence of mail forwarding service by USGoBuy available at much lower prices.

Why  package and mail forwarding service needed?

USGoBuy mail forwarding services are there to cater to the needs of international customers’ or non-USA residents’ online shopping & shipping. Many American merchants that offer cheap or specialized clothing and other products such as Amazon, eBay and Eastbay, but the problem is they do not ship outside of the USA. This is annoying for international customers. Even independent sellers such as bands and specialty shops offer international shipping to a few countries, their shipping rate is just too high to afford. Through USGoBuy mail forwarding services, international customers now have access to all the cheap deals and discounts from all US stores, and they can say goodbye to the high shipping cost that makes the purchases unaffordable.
USA online shopping becomes easy and convenient for international shoppers with package forwarding service, and international customers can really shop USA without borders.

How mail forwarding service works for USA online shopping & shipping?

Simple! All you have to do is register with USGoBuy to get a free US shipping address. With this US shipping address, you can place orders at US shopping sites. Then USA merchants will ship your order to your USGoBuy forwarding address. USGoBuy mail forwarder offers free repacking & consolidation services, as your orders may have come in multiple packages if you have shopped multiple sites. USGoBuy warehouse will consolidate your packages to lower your international shipping cost. The next step is enter your international shipping address information and pay for shipping cost. Then USGoBuy mail forwarder will ship out your packages accordingly. All that’s left for you to do is wait for the package to arrive at your door step. International shopping & shipping has never been easier.

How mail forwarding service works

What to check while choosing the best package forwarding service?

-Registration Fees

Some forwarders charge a registration fee for starting service with their company. But this is not a fee you should pay with good reasons, some mail forwarders simply want you to place future orders with them by charge the registration fee. The fact is not all forwarding companies charge a registration fee and you should be aware of this. Look around a bit to avoid this extra fee. USGoBuy offers free registration and free US address!

-Shipping Rates

The shipping rates offered by one mail forwarder may differ from another. Before you settle for what could be the highest shipping rate out there, compare a few package forwarders against each other for the best deal in shipping. After all, this is going to be the largest fee with whichever company you choose. Make sure you’re comfortable with the price that they offer, and the shipping rate varies according to the country you ship to.
USGoBuy has partnership with world leading couriers like USPS and DHL, and offers heavy discounts on international shipping rates.

-Repacking and Consolidation Services

Many companies offer this service for free. Look for the right company to avoid this unnecessary fee. Package forwarders like USGoBuy offer this service free of charge. There’s no reason to pay for something when you could get it free, right?

-Customer Service

When interacting with a company for a long period of time, you want to make sure it’s a company you trust. Good customer service is a priority for you when choosing good forwarding service. Go for those with live customer services and smooth contact available.

-Return Policy

Check also different policies for returns and charges, so you can get refund if there is any problem with your purchases. Make sure to understand the forwarding company’s policies or conditions on return/refund before settle down.

Online mail and package forwarding services are a great asset to the international shoppers, you will save your money and have better international shopping experience. Do pay attention to the points mentioned above while choosing package forwarding services.

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