How Package Consolidation Saves Your Money on Shipping?

For international shoppers who often use package forwarding services, “package consolidation” is not a new term to them, but few realize the importance of package consolidation in saving their shipping fee!  Package consolidation is as much an art as is a science. This article is dedicated to helping you completely understand how package consolidation works and how package consolidation saves your money!

When it comes to the calculation of shipping cost, there are actually 2 main aspects to consider, namely package weight and package dimension.  And there are 2 terms relate to package weight and package size.

Actual Weight

As the name suggests, actual weight is the measured weight of the package or parcel to be shipped. Actual weight is not hard to get, you can use a scale to calculate.

actual weight of a package

Dimensional Weight

Dimensional weight is a term reflecting the space a package occupies or the package density. A package with light actual weight may take a lot of space for shipping. So in this case, the package dimension or size should be taken into consideration when calculating shipping cost. Different shipping companies or shipping methods have varied calculation of dimensional weight! Normally dimensional weight is the result you get by dividing the package volume with a certain number! For USPS, it is divied by 166.

dimensional weight of a package

Billable Weight

Once you have both dimensional weight and actual weight at hand, you can compare which weight is greater. The shipping cost is based on the larger weight. And this greater weight between actual weight and dimensional weight is the billable weight. That means you should pay according to the weight that charges more.

How package consolidation works on saving shipping costs?

how package consolidation saves shipping cost

The above variables need to be considered in order to keep the cost of shipping down to a minimum. You can either reduce the package weight or minimize the package size to reduce your shipping costs! Actually this is what a package consolidation does for you! Let us say, you have ordered one item from Amazon, and another item from Zara, so there are 2 packages being shipped to your home from US when you do not use a package forwarding or consolidation service! But the case is, you have found a package consolidation service at hand, and you ask them to combine your 2 packages into one, meanwhile, minimizing the weight and size of the package! Just imagine how much you will save by using this package consolidation service!

You may say a package consolidation service will charge you extra money, and will using such a service still save my shipping cost? The answer is definitely yes. Besides, there is also free package consolidation service available from! Without any doubt, you will save more!

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