How Package Forwarding Avails of Tax Free Shopping in USA

Package Forwarding Service that Comes with a Bonus—Sales Tax Free Shopping

Besides all the widely known advantages to utilizing a package forwarding service, such as no barriers in shipping or payment methods, there is another big advantage that most international shoppers don’t know and it is the sales tax free shopping in USA. Of course the package forwarding service you choose should have a warehouse that is based in one of the tax free states in USA. That means you have more chances to save money.

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All You Need to Know About Tax Free Shopping in USA

A sales tax is added to any purchase that takes place in any state of the USA that collects sales tax. There are only five states that do not have a sales tax. Those are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. Any purchases made in these 5 states are actually cheaper by anywhere from 4% to 8% depending upon which of the sales taxing states you purchase in. For example, if you are purchasing something from a Los Angeles, CA retailer, the added sales tax will be 7.5%. On a purchase of $100.00 that means there will be a tax of $7.50 added to the total. In Oregon there is no sales tax so the total on a $100.00 purchase will be $100.00. Tax free shopping in Oregon makes purchasing an economic advantage to any purchaser.

How to Avail of Tax Free Shopping with USGoBuy Package Forwarding Service

Any purchaser, whether a citizen of the USA or from another country can place an order with USGoBuy to utilize its Oregon warehouse address and avail of the chances of tax free shopping. When you register you are given a Portland, OR address for purchasing purposes. This address means that your purchase is in Oregon and not subject to sales taxes.

The only fee you pay with USGoBuy is the shipping fee. Shipping fees include domestics shipping cost from retailer to your Oregon address if there is any charged by seller, and international shipping cost from USGoBuy to your address outside US. We at USGoBuy understand that international shipping cost used to be extraneous and we reduce it as much as possible by offering discounted shipping rate. For US retailers that does not a non-US billing address, we purchase for you with our credit card and international shoppers can pay us for item value and shipping cost through PayPal or any other payment method. Both ways ensure that international shoppers can avail of the sale tax free shopping opportunities.

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The savings you get with USGoBuy as your package forwarder and personal shopper can be tremendous. Our utilization of a warehouse facility in Oregon is the key. It provides us with a major shipping center that processes worldwide delivery at a minimum of cost to our clients. Save money in all aspects, go with USGoBuy.

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