How to buy Google Glass outside US with package forwarding service?

Google Glass Now Available for International Fans Outside USA

The biggest stir in the technology world is also the featured talk in the world of eye wear. That is a dual buzz that only the Google Glass can create. Google recently announced that it has loosened its hold on Glass sales in US- even for the prototype which is still in beta. However, at this point, it is difficult for anyone outside of the United States to obtain a pair,unless they have a friend or business associate inside the US, even then, getting the Glass outside the country can be a costly and unsafe undertaking. This has left many international fans of Google Glasses very disappointed. But international fans can still buy Google Glass with the help of USGoBuy package forwarding service!


How USGoBuy Package Forwarding Service Works for Google Glass International Shopping


This impediment for international fans of the Google Glass will be short lived as USGoBuy package forwarding service offers a way to get the glasses to fans across the globe. Basically, we provide you with a US mailing address, you use it to do your shopping (buy Google Glass) and we’ll do the rest. Visit the USGoBuy website where you will register and obtain your free US address then go ahead and purchase your Google Glasses, pay the shipping cost and your package will then be delivered to the USGoBuy warehouse. Next, we will contact you immediately upon arrival of the package and arrange shipment to your country at only the shipping cost. Finally, our trained package forwarding experts will get your package to you in a flash.


You get four guarantees from USGoBuy:
No hidden fees and costs, just the shipping cost,
A trusted service providing you safe and secure delivery worldwide,
The lowest shipping rates guaranteed, and
Excellent customer service.


In addition, we can store your packages for up to six months at no cost. Singing up with us is free therefore you have no membership fee to pay. In addition, we do not charge consolidation fees or sales tax. It is as simple as ABC. No additional services will be presented to you causing the fee to escalate. Simply pay for your package and forget it till we reach your door.

Google Glass Package Forwarding Service


Other useful info international fans should know regarding Google Glass


Does your country allow the entry of electronic gadgets?


Prior to placing your orders, you should check the regulations of your country in terms of shipping electronic gadgets. The laws vary in each country and it would be to your benefit to know what to expect before making a purchase. Once you’ve found out, the next move is to connect with USGoBuy to ensure an efficient and safe delivery of your package.


Where can you buy Google Glass?


You can either buy directly from Google shop:
Or you can buy from Amazon:


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