How to save money by using package forwarding service for international shopping?

Now it is easy for international shoppers to find awesome products online or some special items exclusively available within a specific country, and they can get all of them if they like by using package forwarding service providers available. However, they will not realize how much they have to pay until the ordered items arrive at door step. So the problem that concerns international shoppers most is how to really save money when using package forwarding service for international shopping!

We will discuss in details about the money saving tips for using package forwarding services. With these tips in mind, you will make all the money paid and time spent worth it.

1. Choose the forwarder with low international shipping rate

International shipping rate will be a major part of your total expenses when using a package forwarding service. It is clear that we should always go for the one with lower international shipping cost to your country.

All package forwarders have a shipping cost calculator that you can find from their sites. Make sure you take full use of this shipping cost tool when choosing a package forwarder. In most cases, only package weight is required to calculate the shipping cost to your international address.

2. Pay attention to registration fees or membership fees

Have a clear understanding of your own international shopping needs. How often do you shop internationally? Will you save more than the membership fee to be paid? If you are just shopping once a month or so, don’t go for those package forwarders who charge membership fees. Another reason is there are quite a lot of package forwarders who does not charge for registration or membership.

3. Take full advantage of package consolidation service

Most international shoppers ignore the importance of package consolidation service in saving their money. Package consolidation service is a necessity for those shoppers who have placed multiple orders from different online retailers. You can ask your chosen package forwarder to consolidate or combine all your packages into one to save on international shipping cost. This is clear since separate packages would cause higher initial weights.

Another important aspect regarding package consolidation service is some package forwarders offer them for free, while others charge quite some money. So it is best to choose package forwarders offering free package consolidation services together with low shipping rates.

4. Choose free package storage service

Package storage is useful for those who have bought multiple items from different sellers or who have to travel for some time and cannot receive packages at home. Some package forwarders offer free package storage for a limited time span like 90 days, while other package forwarders offer storage service without time limit. It is advised to go for those offering free storage.

5. Do not buy items prohibited or restricted to your country

This point could be easily overlooked for international shoppers, especially when they know little about the customs regulations on import in their country. If you have bought some items of the prohibited list, it is not only a waste of your money but also your time. And this will cause more problems like paying for taxes or return or even detained by the customs. So double check before you place the order, especially when you purchasing some special items.

With the above mentioned 5 tips in mind, international shoppers will surely get more value for their money and save a lot of trouble that could happen due to ignorance.


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