Parcel Forwarding Service Helps You Buy from US Online Store

Parcel Forwarding

Nowadays many people buy from USA and US online stores. When you go to an US shopping site, you may find it doesn’t provide international shipping outside USA. Or if it does, it costs too much. How can you shop online from any US website and spend much less for shipping from USA to your door?

Parcel forwarding is a right choice for you.


First of all, let’s see what parcel forwarding is.

Parcel forwarding, or what we call package forwarding, is an international shipping service help shoppers and business do cross-border shopping and purchasing.

There’re many parcel forwarding companies in the world, and some of them specialize in domestic business, some of them specialize in international parcel forwarding service. And most of them also provide mail forwarding service.

So how to find a parcel forwarding company which offers lower shipping prices?

Today I’m introducing a brand name in parcel forwarding industry. USGoBuy in Portland, Oregan. A professional parcel forwarding agent which helps you ship from you have bought from USA to other countries.

So you can shop from any US store and save a lot of international shipping costs with parcel forwarding of USGoBuy


Here’s how USGoBuy works

  1. Sign up USGoBuy to get a free US shipping address

Easy signup is the first step to let customers enjoy parcel forwarding service. After you sign up, you’ll receive an unique US shipping address which you can check when login USGoBuy dashboard.


  1. Submit your parcel of item link to USGoBuy


Parcel Forwarding Service

You can submit your parcel to USGoBuy if you only need to use parcel forwarding service for the goods you have bought, USGoBuy will forward your parcel to your doorstep no matter which country you’re living in.


BuyForMe Service

Or make it even easier, fetch the link of item you’re buying to USGoBuy, they’ll buy it for you and ship it to your door.

There’re many factors you can’t buy from US online stores, such as the stores only sell to US residents, the stores don’t provide international shipping. With BuyForMe service of USGoBuy, they buy what you want to shop and then ship to you by parcel forwarding. So it’s a benefit for online shoppers who buy frequently from USA.


  1. USGoBuy receives your items in their warehouse

After receiving your parcel in the warehouse in Portland, Oregan, USGoBuy photographs each item and upload to the system where you can check online about the status of your goods.


  1. Your item will be photographed and repacked

USGoBuy repacks your items into one shipment to help save money. Customers could rest assured about the safety and integrity of their goods. And USGoBuy is developing this process and trying to offer customers a repack report with photos and details about repacking.


Low shipping rates is an advantage of USGoBuy parcel forwarding service and all USGoBuy customers are enjoying the benefits.


USGoBuy is in cooperation with DHL, USPS and FeDex and USGoBuy offers lower prices than their officials. USGoBuy has signed contracts with the big name international shipping companies on parcel forwarding business and get lower price by assuring the parcel quantity in a year. Even the big name companies above offer much lower prices, but they’re not losing anything because the quantity of signups and use frequency of USGoBuy parcel forwarding service gives them lower profits but big turnovers. That’s the reason why parcel forwarding service of USGoBuy is popular nowadays.


Visit and prepare for your next shopping from USA with USGoBuy parcel forwarding service.


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