Parcel Forwarding from USA to Indonesia

Parcel forwarding is the main topic for all our recent articles and videos, and last time we wrote the introduction of parcel forwarding, especially parcel forwarding from USA to other countries

In this part, we’ll go on talking about parcel forwarding, but this time, we may talk about this business to only one country, Indonesia

Why do you choose Indonesia to make deeper instruction about parcel forwarding? Recently I interviewed someone in parcel forwarding industry, he told me at least 30% of all their parcel forwarding service orders come from Indonesia. After I heard this, I Google a lot of things about shopping online and parcel forwarding industry in Indonesia. There’re too many factors why Indonesia took this big position in all customers in that company.

There’re quite a lot of local business in Indonesia specializing in parcel forwarding, and the quantity is amazing. Most of them buy from US brands as online shoppers, but another bunch is businessman who purchased from USA and then distribute brand products in their local cities and towns in Indonesia. I don’t know why they’re so crazy buying from USA instead of India or China, maybe there have been a growing middle class families in Indonesia and they want to pursue better quality and brands. So notice it’s mostly middle class instead of all the people or classes. With the big population of Indonesia, the middle class account for a nice percentage and their consumption affect the total consumption of their shopping and business.

I also searched some local forums and found many forums are posting threads and coupons about buying and shipping from USA, and on some expat forums, many foreign students who study in Indonesia use parcel forwarding to shipping their needs and anything from USA, surely they also buy from USA with parcel forwarding service.

On some other forums for English speakers in Indonesia, they list many international services and among them parcel forwarding companies are very easy to be found. So you can see parcel forwarding is really popular in Indonesia

Then we need to know how to choose a good parcel forwarding company in Indonesia, I mean you can choose from their local parcel forwarding companies, but you can also consider to choose an US parcel forwarding company as their service is nice and mostly they have a warehouse in the USA, some companies even have 2 warehouses, maybe one in the east America, and one in the west America, and the stores you buy from can easily find the closest warehouse and send what you’ve ordered to that warehouse, this is the beginning of parcel forwarding service. Then the warehouse receives the goods and repack for you, and some of them photograph them and send photos to you to confirm. In a word, nowadays the parcel forwarding service is really complete and most parcel forwarding companies are reliable and trusted, so you can choose one from the USA. They use parcel forwarding to ship worldwide, surely includes Indonesia.

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