Shipping Cost Minimum to $1 Activity Strategy

Just 4 steps, minimize your shipping cost to $1!

1. Submit your shipment in your account of USGoBuy, Check out it BUT DON’T PAY, close your payment page.

2. Go back to the activity page to bind your shipment and share it on Facebook.

3. Ask for help from your friends to click the post your Shared on Facebook for saving cost.

4. When you are satisfied with your shipment cost or it has been reduced to the minimum amount, submit payment.



Submit your packages from “My Package”, Check out it BUT DON’T PAY, close your payment page.

If the shipment was paid could not participate this activity.



Go back to activity page after submit shipment and click “Save money on shipping cost” then choose one shipment to “Share on Facebook for saving money”.



Your friends will find the posting of “Help me save money to $1” then saving money for you by click “Help saving money”.



Go to your “My Shipments” and complete your payment.


Minimum to $1 Shipping from USA to Worldwide!

Wanna buy a lot of abroad goods? Wanna enjoy fast international ship service? Wanna a cheaper international shipping fee? Turn your eyes to here! Minimum to $1 Shipping Cost !

To celebrate for moving to a bigger warehouse, holds an amazing price reduction to reciprocate customers. You can reduce your shipping fee to only $1! Just click the button and save money now!

Activity Rules:

  1. Start from June 15th to July 15th 2017,
  2. Refer your friends and save money on shipping cost to $1. Each shipment can save up to $100.
  3. Each friend can only be referred once for your shipment. Shipment cost will be adjusted in real-time.
  4. USGoBuy reserves the rights to refuse anyone who violate our terms and services.

USGoBuy ShipForMe and BuyForMe Service is expert in forwarding parcels from USA to worldwide! With USGoBuy, you can enjoy our service including but not limited no setup or membership fee, no storage fee for up to 60 days, no consolidating fee, no sale tax, fast and trustworthy delivery methods and professional team and quality service. For more information of us, please check

Important Notice of Moving to New Warehouse

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your continue supporting. USGoBuy are expanding and move to bigger warehouse on June 16th 2017:

6804 NE 79th Court
Portland, OR 97218

We open the new warehouse on Monday June 19th 2017. Our old warehouse can still receive package until July 15th 2017. Please kindly update your new shipping address in time.

If you have any questions or inquires please feel free to contact our customer services. Thanks for your understanding!

Good news! USGoBuy has already got Dangerous Operation Certificate!

Good news! USGoBuy has already got Dangerous Operation Certificate!


We all know that there are many situations in the process of parcel shipping needs attention, when the non-professional people to operate your package, your items may cause to damage.


Recently, USGoBuy employees finished the uniform training again, and obtain the relevant certificates.

Disclaimer, some problems may occur in your package


  1. Fragile goods: In addition to loss of claims, the other circumstances are not within the claims range

Common fragile items: Ceramic (for example: cups, cutlery), glass (e.g. camera lens, eyeglass lens, cosmetic case lens, light ornament), liquid crystal display (e.g. mobile phone, TV)

  1. Contraband and undeclared client, false, concealed the loss caused by the goods, lost items, damage are not within the scope of claims
  2. Contraband returned or the customer forwards them to another shipping company resulting in loss or damage, no claims
  3. Customer refused to sign the parcel, refused to pay the tax caused by the return of the parcel, or the user-specified clearance company handles the loss or damage caused by transit, no claims
  4. Confiscated by the customs (if not through the customs commodity inspection), no claims
  5. The seller is missing some items when shipping, forget some of the items or make some wrong items or before delivery to our warehouse, the goods have been the presence of inferior quality or shortage of the items, no claims
  6. Gift within the parcel, sample missing or damaged, not claims
  7. Due to force majeure, such as: natural disasters, riots, war, customs clearance, flight delays, delays and other delays, resulting in changes in the nature of the goods, such as over warranty, over warranty, etc., no claims
  8. Liquid or paste products produced by leakage of the situation, no claims
  9. Cannot provide the above claims material situation, no claims

Payment methods and billing

What are your bank account details to send money by wire transfer?
The bank will charge $16 fee for each foreign-incoming wire transfer, so please add $16 to your total amount if you use wire transfer. Put your mailbox number and name for reference so that we can process your payment in time. Please sent a request to and we will send you our bank account number for wire transfer.

What other payment methods do you accept?

At present, we accept Credit Card, PayPal, WebMoney, My E-wallet to pay shipping fee online. There are three ways to charge the E-wallet, Alipay, Western Union and Wire Transfer.

And you can use most credit cards through your PayPal account, including American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa.

What is a spending limit on accounts?

We do not limit the amount of consumption.

What is the deposit for?
If you would like to use our services more frequently, you can pre-pay postage by using the deposit option. This way you don’t have to pay for every package separately. Log in to 
your acccount. There you will see your current balance and link for paying an additional deposit.

Your USGoBuy Account

What does the Basic, Silver, Gold, and Diamond status mean?

When you registered USGoBuy, your initial membership level is Basic, this means that you have get our basic price and service, if you want to become a higher level of membership, you should submit more shipment. For more information, click here.

For different levels, shipping costs will also be reduced. As every USGoBuy customer knows, shipping costs of USGoBuy are generally lower than other companies. High level members enjoy the price is lower, and part of the service is only open to high level members.

Note that only you receipt your packages we will record your level, you will see this button when your package is sent out.

If you feel that you have a large number of packages you need ship out, you can contact, we will help you quickly solve the shipping problems to improve the level of membership.

Additional USGoBuy locations
Ship for Me service has only one receiving address. If you choose the Buy for Me service, we will use the private address to buy items for you, this will greatly reduce the probability of store closed your orders.


Questions about Shopping U.S. Online

What phone number should I use when placing an online order?
Some online stores will ask for a US phone number. Do not place USGoBuy phone number otherwise your order would be most probably cancelled which is because if the seller receives several orders on different names and credit cards but with the same phone number their system could detect it as a risky order so you need to place your own phone number. You can get a US phone number with many online services such as or

Or you can install Whistle phone application on your smart phone which will allow you to have a US number created for free with the option to choose the area code as well

What can I do if merchant requires me to have US debit card with US billing address?
Some online stores will ask you to pay with US debit card. Thanks to our cooperation with USunlocked, you can easily get your own US debit card with US billing address. Visit our USunlocked site for more details.


Your package in USGoBuy

How will USGoBuy know the package is mine?

When you complete the registration, we will assign a Mailbox ID to you, when you shop online, you will use your name and this Mailbox ID as your shipping address. When the package arrives at our warehouse, we’ll see the name on the package and ID, we will notify you by email and you will also see the package on your account.

Should I notify USGoBuy of any incoming packages?
You do not have to notify us of any incoming packages. We will notify you by email as soon as we receive the package because it is necessary to fill the customs declaration (description, value and item count).

Of course, in order to reduce the warehouse operations errors, you can also fill in the package information advance.

Can I add an additional name on the account?
Yes, you can. There is no additional cost. Just add them on your account under Personal Profile. These must be real persons and we reserve the right to require notarized 1583 form and two copies of ID for additional persons.

How to file a claim for lost package?
Please read this tutorial explaining how to file a claim for not delivered package. It applies to package not delivered to USGoBuy warehouse or packages not delivered to you.

In case you have a concern that package has missing item we need a proof that items are really missing (confirmation of loss of weight from your local customs or postal service) or pictures taken from package while it was still in our warehouse (pictures can be taken for only $5 with special request).

What if we lose your package in our warehouse?
If we cannot locate your package in our warehouse we will notify you. It sometimes happens that package is misplaced. Most of the time we will find your package. We just need some time as we have thousands of packages. We employ humans and they do mistakes! Unfortunately. We will ask you to provide copy of invoice or purchase form. If we cannot find your package you will get fully compensated. Please make sure that value filled on customs declaration is the same as value provided on the invoice.

I believe USGoBuy made a mistake processing my package.
If you think package has incorrect weight, dimensions, or consolidation and special request were not processed correctly you can notify us. Please email our customer service. If USGoBuy truly did a mistake you will not get charged anything and it will be fixed ASAP.

Are there any items that cannot be shipped?

There are some items that are restricted and cannot be shipped with any carrier. This includes:

  • Any restricted items under ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury.
  • Firearms parts, gun parts, scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, ammunition etc.
  • Explosive material
  • Flammable items
  • Live or dead plants or animals
  • Pornography
  • Corrosive materials
  • Human remains
  • Any Electronic equipment or any equipment that requires ECCN# (Export Control Classification Number). For carrier restrictions you can check the list on the calculator

What shipping methods do you offer?
We support only the shipping methods shown in our calculator. Please enter weight and dimension of the package to see how it will be shipped. If you don’t see certain shipping method it is not supported.

Can you use my billing account for FedEx, DHL or USPS shipment?

Sorry, but we do not support third party billing accounts.

Can you make an exception and use some other shipping method not shown in your calculator?
Our low pricing is based on automation and approved shipping methods we currently use. Please check what shipping methods we offer before shipping any packages to us. We have wide range of shipping methods we offer.

Shipping & Services

How much does it cost to ship a package to my country?

You can use our shipping calculator to get quotes. Enter your country, city, ZIP Code, the weight of the package, and then you can view the estimated cost of different courier here. You can choose the courier according to your own preferences.

What services do you offer and what are the fees?

Most of the services we provide are free of charge, such as registration, U.S. address, Consolidation of Packages Multiple & Repackaging. If you have special requirements for packages, such as Keep original invoices, remove all unnecessary packaging (such as shoe boxes Ship with best), choice of carrier if selected one does not work, these are all free. We also support free storage for 60 days, package exceeded free storage period will be discarded

We support package photos service, and you will cost $5/package for 5 photos. For more special requests, kindly view the link:

Can you consolidate my packages into one bigger package?
Yes, we can consolidate packages according to your request, and this service is free of charge when submit no more than 10 packages per time. Each additional package over 10(exclude) will be charged $0.99 per package. 

How do you fill out custom declaration for each package?
When we receive new packages, we will notify you by email. You will need to log in to your 
account. There you will see what has been received and you will be able to update information for customs (description, value, etc.).

Please note, a correctly filled customs declaration is your duty and responsibility. If you are not sure what is inside the package (if the merchant divides one purchase into multiple packages), we can open it and check the content.

Do you provide the COD (Collect on Delivery)?
We can complete assisted purchases for you and forward any package to your home address, however, we do not provide COD forwarding.

Can I receive mail (letters, catalogs, magazines) too?
No, we don’t support shipping these items.