Questions about Shopping U.S. Online

What phone number should I use when placing an online order?
Some online stores will ask for a US phone number. Do not place USGoBuy phone number otherwise your order would be most probably cancelled which is because if the seller receives several orders on different names and credit cards but with the same phone number their system could detect it as a risky order so you need to place your own phone number. You can get a US phone number with many online services such as or

Or you can install Whistle phone application on your smart phone which will allow you to have a US number created for free with the option to choose the area code as well

What can I do if merchant requires me to have US debit card with US billing address?
Some online stores will ask you to pay with US debit card. Thanks to our cooperation with USunlocked, you can easily get your own US debit card with US billing address. Visit our USunlocked site for more details.


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