Returning Package Back to the Merchant

Returning a Package Back to the Merchant

Sometimes you need to return your package to its original merchant. We always advise you to take pictures of the items in the package before returning, this will reduce some problems. Then you can follow the following steps to return.

  1. Contact the merchant and ask how to return the package

Each store has different policies. Some stores will pay for the return shipping charge. Others will require you to pay for the shipping.

  1. Follow the return process provided by the merchant

If the merchant does not provide return label, you only need to change the shipping address to make sure the package is return to the correct address and choose the appropriate shipping method. If you have special requests, like some merchants require you to print a Return Authorization and include it in the package, in this case, you can place the requests in the specified text box when you submit shipping.

If the merchant provide return label, please send us the package information, the correct return address and your special request, we will only charge $5 handling fee.

Insurance Claims

If you find that your package is missing items, you can email us to explain the situation, we will try our best to help you.

There are three possibilities if you have lost items,

  1. The package has lost some items before delivery to USGoBuy
  2. The package has lost some items on the way to your address
  3. Missing some items in the USGoBuy package packing process

After you send us an email, we will help you to investigate why the goods were lost. If the reason is the first and the second, we will assist you to communicate with the courier to track or compensate. If the reason is the third, we will compensate you according to your declared value and relevant regulations.

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