Why Not Try Parcel Forwarding for Buying from USA


Nowadays many people care about how the brands in USA are going. Even we found there’re so many classic brands in Europe, but so many people still buy from USA with parcel forwarding as the brands get together in USA and they were retailing all around the world

Parcel forwarding makes all these happen easily, even you consider the difficulties such as you don’t have an US credit card, you don’t have a US residential address or more. But parcel forwarding companies will solve all these for you. Let’s see how they work to make your shopping successfully happening with parcel forwarding

Many people search parcel forwarding by search engine like Google, and a percent of them make mistakes they input mail forwarding or mailing forwarding instead of exactly parcel forwarding. We need to know mail forwarding is different from parcel forwarding, mail forwarding has been around a long long time, maybe from the age when mail was created. Then some forwarder forward your mail to people you designated to receive. So it’s a traditional business, even nowadays till send postcard or files by mail forwarding. So this business is still running very well. But today we need to talk about parcel forwarding, or we call it package forwarding, this shipping business is relative to shopping especially shipping after shopping, and for you, maybe you need to care about international shipping as you’re not in the USA but buying online from USA and ship to your own country. Then today we’ll talk more about parcel forwarding from USA to your own country. Exactly to you doorstep.

The parcel forwarding companies will give you a free US shipping address and let you use it as your residential address in USA, I mean it’s like a virtual thing as you’re not living in USA at all, but this kind of thing is legal now, so many people just sign up with parcel forwarding companies and get free US shipping address, it’s like the parcel forwarding company is a middleman for you and they receive goods from online store and reship to your doorstep. Looks so perfect, right?

Then you need to care about what you should do after you sign up and get a free US shipping address. You just fill in the blanks when buying from online stores and then they’ll ship to the free US address, then the parcel forwarding companies receive the goods you’ve bought and store in their warehouse for one day or two days, some great and efficient parcel forwarding companies even help you send our in one day, so you can see the charming of parcel forwarding business, they’re really good things for online shoppers or businessmen who purchase from USA very often, it really save you a lot of cash. And if you stick to one company and keep as their member, they may let you benefit more and sometimes save eve 80%. But not every time that much.

Cross Border Shopping – Top Countries that Buy From the US

The United States of America has become an important center in the world of e-commerce. This is due to several reasons. Often times, residents of other countries find that purchasing goods from the United States is comparatively cheaper than ordering from within their own country. The sheer volume and variety of goods available in the US also makes it an attractive place for online purchases. Another reason is the availability of US package forwarding service (like USGoBuy) at cheap prices. Due to these reasons, as well as many others, people from all over the world choose to order from US retailers. This practice has become known as “Cross Border Shopping.” But do you know which countries contain the most cross border shoppers and why?

Countries That Have the Most Cross Border Shoppers

According to Multichannel Merchant’s MCM Outlook 2014, the countries that take part in the most cross border shopping include Canada (83.9%), Australia (54%), New Zealand 39.5%), Japan (39.5%), Italy (37.1%), Brazil (33.9%), China (33.1%), India (26.6%), Russia (23.4%), and the UK (14.5%).

countries that buy most from US stores

Why Do Canada and Australia Have the Most Cross Border Shoppers?

Canada and Australia have the vast majority of cross border shoppers for a variety of reasons.


Canada alone is responsible for 37% of cross border shopping. Located immediately to the north of the US, Canada benefits from proximity. This makes shipping easy. Canadians are able to find US retailers that either carry items not available in Canada or sell them at a cheaper price.


Australian consumers are able to find goods from US retailers that are significantly cheaper than from Australian retailers. Australian companies have not yet adapted to the world of e-commerce and purchasing items in-store does not provide as much variety as online shopping. As well, items sold at retail in Australia are very expensive. As added incentive to order from other countries, Australia does not employ any tariffs or duties on items below AUD $1000.

The current situation of cross border online shopping with survey data

Today the Internet has changed all aspects of our life, the way we shop and the way we gather info have been greatly influenced by the Web. In the past, it takes months to import goods from overseas countries and the involved buyers and sellers are all trading organizations. However, today individuals can place an international order online at the e-commerce sites and receive a package normally within two weeks.

The cross border online shopping is becoming a trend. PayPal has done a research in 2013 about this by gathering survey from over 6,000 international shoppers and revealed some valuable data.

The top 6 countries with most international online shoppers

The report said in 2013 there were 93.7 million cross country online shoppers in the following 6 countries: UK, US, Brazil, Germany, Australia and China. These 93.7 million shoppers have spent 105 billion USD on cross border online shopping, which accounted for 16% of total online shopping spend in 2013.

top 4 cross border shopping countries

What product categories the cross border online shoppers buy?

So what the international shoppers are buying? The research showed that there are mainly 5 categories. As normal, the apparel & shoes category comes first and has the most spend of about 12.5 billion USD. The other 4 product categories that follow are Healthy and Beauty products (7.6 billion USD), personal electronics (6.0 billion USD), computer hardware(6.0 billion USD) and Jewelry & Watches (5.8 billion USD).

top 5 products categories of cross border shopping

Reasons for doing cross border online shopping

There are various reasons for buying from a overseas retailers, perhaps the price is cheaper and the quality is better, or the products you buy are not available from your local market. The PayPal research showed that 80% of international shoppers buy overseas for the reason of “saving money”. While 78% of them also have another consideration in international shopping and it is “buying some thing that is not available from local market”.

What is worrying the international shoppers?

International shoppers are most concerned about the safety of their private info and buyer protection. 69% of the shoppers say they fear identity theft and fraud. And 88% of them clearly showed preferences for better buyer protection. That is why the shoppers like PayPal most, since it has much better buyer protection than other payment methods.

From the above analysis, we can see that package forwarding service as an important part of this international cross border online shopping should on the one way save customers’ money on global shipping, and on the other hand provide reliable services such as delivery safety, private info protection, return/refund. USGoBuy as top US package forwarders surely will try our best to minimize the shipping cost and provide best services to address all the concerns and questions international shoppers may have!