The current situation of cross border online shopping with survey data

Today the Internet has changed all aspects of our life, the way we shop and the way we gather info have been greatly influenced by the Web. In the past, it takes months to import goods from overseas countries and the involved buyers and sellers are all trading organizations. However, today individuals can place an international order online at the e-commerce sites and receive a package normally within two weeks.

The cross border online shopping is becoming a trend. PayPal has done a research in 2013 about this by gathering survey from over 6,000 international shoppers and revealed some valuable data.

The top 6 countries with most international online shoppers

The report said in 2013 there were 93.7 million cross country online shoppers in the following 6 countries: UK, US, Brazil, Germany, Australia and China. These 93.7 million shoppers have spent 105 billion USD on cross border online shopping, which accounted for 16% of total online shopping spend in 2013.

top 4 cross border shopping countries

What product categories the cross border online shoppers buy?

So what the international shoppers are buying? The research showed that there are mainly 5 categories. As normal, the apparel & shoes category comes first and has the most spend of about 12.5 billion USD. The other 4 product categories that follow are Healthy and Beauty products (7.6 billion USD), personal electronics (6.0 billion USD), computer hardware(6.0 billion USD) and Jewelry & Watches (5.8 billion USD).

top 5 products categories of cross border shopping

Reasons for doing cross border online shopping

There are various reasons for buying from a overseas retailers, perhaps the price is cheaper and the quality is better, or the products you buy are not available from your local market. The PayPal research showed that 80% of international shoppers buy overseas for the reason of “saving money”. While 78% of them also have another consideration in international shopping and it is “buying some thing that is not available from local market”.

What is worrying the international shoppers?

International shoppers are most concerned about the safety of their private info and buyer protection. 69% of the shoppers say they fear identity theft and fraud. And 88% of them clearly showed preferences for better buyer protection. That is why the shoppers like PayPal most, since it has much better buyer protection than other payment methods.

From the above analysis, we can see that package forwarding service as an important part of this international cross border online shopping should on the one way save customers’ money on global shipping, and on the other hand provide reliable services such as delivery safety, private info protection, return/refund. USGoBuy as top US package forwarders surely will try our best to minimize the shipping cost and provide best services to address all the concerns and questions international shoppers may have!

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