How to fill in the customs declaration

  1. Login to your account
  2. Choose Packages in “My Packages”

If your package does not fill in the customs declaration information, you will see the button “Declare Value”, just click to fill in the customs declaration information.

  1. Fill out the info

A new window with the Customs Declaration form will pop up.

Be sure to fill out Product Description, Unit Price (US $), Quantity, and Total Value (US $) for each product in the package.

If you want to add more items to your customs declaration, just click the “Add a row” below the last item. To remove items from the customs declaration, simply delete its information. Please specify if there is a battery inside the package.

  1. Save customs info

After you are finished all, click on “Save and Close”.

Parcel Forwarding from USA to Indonesia

Parcel forwarding is the main topic for all our recent articles and videos, and last time we wrote the introduction of parcel forwarding, especially parcel forwarding from USA to other countries

In this part, we’ll go on talking about parcel forwarding, but this time, we may talk about this business to only one country, Indonesia

Why do you choose Indonesia to make deeper instruction about parcel forwarding? Recently I interviewed someone in parcel forwarding industry, he told me at least 30% of all their parcel forwarding service orders come from Indonesia. After I heard this, I Google a lot of things about shopping online and parcel forwarding industry in Indonesia. There’re too many factors why Indonesia took this big position in all customers in that company.

There’re quite a lot of local business in Indonesia specializing in parcel forwarding, and the quantity is amazing. Most of them buy from US brands as online shoppers, but another bunch is businessman who purchased from USA and then distribute brand products in their local cities and towns in Indonesia. I don’t know why they’re so crazy buying from USA instead of India or China, maybe there have been a growing middle class families in Indonesia and they want to pursue better quality and brands. So notice it’s mostly middle class instead of all the people or classes. With the big population of Indonesia, the middle class account for a nice percentage and their consumption affect the total consumption of their shopping and business.

I also searched some local forums and found many forums are posting threads and coupons about buying and shipping from USA, and on some expat forums, many foreign students who study in Indonesia use parcel forwarding to shipping their needs and anything from USA, surely they also buy from USA with parcel forwarding service.

On some other forums for English speakers in Indonesia, they list many international services and among them parcel forwarding companies are very easy to be found. So you can see parcel forwarding is really popular in Indonesia

Then we need to know how to choose a good parcel forwarding company in Indonesia, I mean you can choose from their local parcel forwarding companies, but you can also consider to choose an US parcel forwarding company as their service is nice and mostly they have a warehouse in the USA, some companies even have 2 warehouses, maybe one in the east America, and one in the west America, and the stores you buy from can easily find the closest warehouse and send what you’ve ordered to that warehouse, this is the beginning of parcel forwarding service. Then the warehouse receives the goods and repack for you, and some of them photograph them and send photos to you to confirm. In a word, nowadays the parcel forwarding service is really complete and most parcel forwarding companies are reliable and trusted, so you can choose one from the USA. They use parcel forwarding to ship worldwide, surely includes Indonesia.

US Online Shopping Tips-Hot Deals@JCPenny

Shop JCPenny,Liz Claiborne® Iris Flats,33% off,With Coupon

JCPenny,one of the BEST well known stores,which was found in 1902.The quality of the service and the products has been earning the good fame domestically and globally. JCPenny operates 1,060 department stores in 49 U.S. states.

Liz Claiborne® Iris is a well known branded apparel company.It has been leading the fashion of the middle class of the US for decades.The flats above are the best sell flats,with the original price $60.Now,with 33% off,it drops to $39.99,apply the coupon FUNDEAL to save another 15%(Time limited),Free Shipping is applied for orders over $99(upon checkout).

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US Online Shopping Tips-Hot Deals

Hunter Original Boots-50%Off,Free Shipping

Get Original Hunter Boots up to 50% off,with free US domestic shipping! Originally,the official price is $175.Now,it drops to $87.99,with 50%off,with multi color options.For International Shoppers,now,you can have this big saving deal with your Free USgobuy Address,Register Free.

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US Online Shopping Tips

What stuffs are cheaper in US than those in Canada

1. Electronic hardware
If you go to search a little bit deeper, you will easily find out that it will save a lot to buy the electronic hardware in US. For instance, the SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB Compact Flash Memory Card at Bestbuy Canada is $119.99,however the price at Bestbuy USA is as low as $44.99.

Wow, it is really a big saving.

2. Cosmetics stuff
In Canada, the daily use cosmetics are usually much more expensive than those in US. For example, let’s take the most popular sites, the most popular product to have a comparison. At in Canada, a 50mL tub of Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream costs $38.99, at in US costs only $20.39.Still, the US wins.

3. Vitamins and Supplements
    The Vitamin pills are another area where the price gap is huge. Emergen-C 1000mg Vitamin C, Super Orange at is $18.99, however, the same thing at drugstore is $10.99.If you need Vitamins, go to the
4. Shoes 
    The shoes are good things to buy in US, and the price is different. For instance, at the Hunter official web site, the HUNTER ORIGINAL TALL WELLIES priced $155 at Hunter boots US, while priced $170 at Hunter boos Canada.
5. Kitchen Stuff
You might be surprised at the “item” I listed up. It’s true, even the kitchenware is different in price. The whole set of SEDLIG (20-piece flatware set, stainless steel) at IKEA Canada priced at $59.99, but the same set at IKEA USA is $49.99.You see, even IKEA is different.

There are other stuffs are much cheaper. For instance, 
Hockey equipments
Skis and boots
Video games
Cellular and smartphones
And, do not forget fulfilling your car, while return from US(If you drive to US),and as we all know, the gas is 20%-25% cheaper there.
With these tips, and with the “my usgobuy address”, you can start shopping with your US address and ship directly to your doors. I have to mention, the my usgobuy address“, is free for sign up,with no membership fee, no set up fee, no other adds-on fees,and it is located in Oregon, TAX FREE STATE.
Lastly, Happy Shopping.

US Online Shopping Tips For Canadians

Why to Shop From US as Canadians

1.       Some US stores will only lunch some products in US

2.       Generally, the price in US is much cheaper than those in Canada, particularly these stuffs,





Up to 40%

Up to 25%

Up to 45%

Up to 45%


Why to shop US online

1.       The complicated paper work to pass the border is a great headache

2.       The time to spend on the way and back, the long line along the border to pass

These are all blocks to stop us from the good deals in US

Now,with my usgobuy address, you can access to thousands of Good deals.

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US Back To School Sales With International Shipping

It’s back to school time again, and stores in the United States are chock full of amazing deals. Maybe you’ve seen some of the phenomenal offers and wanted to get in on them – but you don’t have a United States shipping address. Don’t worry – USGoBuy has a solution for you!

US stores that have back to school sales

There are some amazing deals out there – here’s just a few to whet your appetite:

JC Penny has great offers on clothes, backpacks and dorm furnishings.

WalMart has deals on just about everything under the sun.

Staples has some great electronics offerings, as well as everything you’d need to stock a desk all year round.

And for those high-end needs, Apple features a great back to school campaign that gives discounts and rewards for buying a new Mac, iPad, iPod or iPhone.

And for pretty much everything, check out Amazon‘s deals.

Use coupons

If you’re looking for even better deals or discounts on products not listed, don’t forget to find coupons for back to school deals from elsewhere on the web.

Get Cheap International Shipping from USGoBuy

Once you figure out what you want to buy, head on over to USGoBuy to get started. It’s easy, and you have a couple different options to get your order filled and shipped to your for minimal cost.

If you want us to take care of the whole deal, chose our BuyForMe service. We’ll assign a professional shopper to you who will place the order you want, ship it to our warehouse, and send it on to its final destination. This method is primarily designed for those who have trouble with billing and payment, or those who may have a language difficulty in using an English language site.

For those who want to handle the shopping themselves, there’s our Package Forwarding Service. You buy the item, and we’ll give you an address to ship to here in the States. Once we get your item, we’ll forward it on to you.

Back to school deals are ending soon, so be sure to get moving now!

Cross Border Shopping – Top Countries that Buy From the US

The United States of America has become an important center in the world of e-commerce. This is due to several reasons. Often times, residents of other countries find that purchasing goods from the United States is comparatively cheaper than ordering from within their own country. The sheer volume and variety of goods available in the US also makes it an attractive place for online purchases. Another reason is the availability of US package forwarding service (like USGoBuy) at cheap prices. Due to these reasons, as well as many others, people from all over the world choose to order from US retailers. This practice has become known as “Cross Border Shopping.” But do you know which countries contain the most cross border shoppers and why?

Countries That Have the Most Cross Border Shoppers

According to Multichannel Merchant’s MCM Outlook 2014, the countries that take part in the most cross border shopping include Canada (83.9%), Australia (54%), New Zealand 39.5%), Japan (39.5%), Italy (37.1%), Brazil (33.9%), China (33.1%), India (26.6%), Russia (23.4%), and the UK (14.5%).

countries that buy most from US stores

Why Do Canada and Australia Have the Most Cross Border Shoppers?

Canada and Australia have the vast majority of cross border shoppers for a variety of reasons.


Canada alone is responsible for 37% of cross border shopping. Located immediately to the north of the US, Canada benefits from proximity. This makes shipping easy. Canadians are able to find US retailers that either carry items not available in Canada or sell them at a cheaper price.


Australian consumers are able to find goods from US retailers that are significantly cheaper than from Australian retailers. Australian companies have not yet adapted to the world of e-commerce and purchasing items in-store does not provide as much variety as online shopping. As well, items sold at retail in Australia are very expensive. As added incentive to order from other countries, Australia does not employ any tariffs or duties on items below AUD $1000.

Best Times of the Year for International Shopper to Shop US and Save Money

If you, as international shoppers, want to grab the best bargains, it’s important to know when to shop and for which items. We have done a research on this and list below these traditional US bargain days to save your time and money.

best times of the year to shop

January White Sales

The January White Sale is an American tradition of long-standing. In January, you will find great sales on linens, especially sheets, pillows, pillow covers, bed spreads and other coverings.

President’s Day Sales

February is a great month for new car sales.

Easter Sales 

Spring heralds good bargains on winter outerwear, such as coats, sweaters, gloves hats, and boots, as well as men’s suits, shirts and ties. Good bargains are available on used cars and accessories, graduation gifts, laptops, cookware sets, college essentials, and vacuum cleaners.

Mother’s Day

Around Mother’s Day, look for good buys on cookware, vacuum cleaners, perfume gift sets and women’s’ casual clothes.

Father’s Day

As Father’s Day draws near, expect hardware stores and mega-centers like Home Depot to offer big on hand tools ranging from drills and sanders to power tools.

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day Sales usually offer strong bargains on such items as furniture, linens, home décor, dinnerware, video games, electronics, flat screen TVs and laptops.

Labor Day Sales

Labor Day is the time to consider purchasing big appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, plants, gardening equipment, laptops and school supplies.

July 4th Sales  

Independence Day Sales traditionally include good buys on room and dining room furniture, summer party goods, swimwear, sandals and beach towels. Towards month’s end, watch for sales on and barbecue equipment…

Back to School Sales

August and September bring good offerings for children’s clothing and back-to-school items, such as backpacks, and laptops. Also look for good sales on camping gear yard equipment, and patio furniture.

Columbus Day Sales

Good bargains can be found on furniture, mattresses and recliners, fans and air conditioners.

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and it is a big day for savings, especially at “Big Box “stores, such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, and Sears. Crowds of shoppers converge to seek the best holiday buys on favorite toys, flat screen televisions, jewelry, clothing, and laptops.

Christmas and Post-Holiday Sales

Christmas decorations, wrap, and gift tags are among the best after Christmas deals.

Remember, if you want to catch the best deals on everything you purchase in the US, it’s all in the timing! Don’t forget to use our package forwarding service to save your money!