Tips on Choosing Best Mail Forwarder for International Shopping

International Shopping Needs Are Growing Worldwide

Buying products online has now become the most common mode of shopping. Online shopping, over the years, has become an integral part of e-commerce where one can purchase their desired products from the sellers across the globe with a click of the mouse and from the comfort of their homes! This is even more predominant in cases where one is unable to find a certain kind of product in their local market.
However, the most important hurdle for the online buyers to purchase a product from a seller based in U.S is the shipping address. Most top stores in America, do not ship their products to an address outside the U.S. And a few sellers who do, charge very high prices for international shipping.

Mail Forwarding Service Is The Solution

Any online buyer can resolve this problem seamlessly by hiring one of the best mail forwarding services, like USGoBuy. Forwarders that provide this service take the responsibility of sending the shipments to the buyer’s door step. They provide international buyers with a U.S shipping address to use while shopping online.

How Mail Forwarding Service Works
Once the payment is done, the products chosen will automatically be shipped to the U.S address. After the products are shipped to this address in the U.S, the buyer’s chosen mail forwarding company will in turn forward these shipments to their actual residential address outside USA, irrespective of where they are residing, across the globe. All this can be done at a fraction of the cost of direct shipment charges!
Nevertheless, care should be taken to see if the package forwarder one chooses can ship their products in time and with minimal fuss. As a buyer, if you are not sure on how to choose the best mail forwarding company, please read the tips below.

Do your groundwork:

Before zeroing in on any mail forwarder, please do your research and know as much as you can about the companies that provide mail forwarding services to your country. Things such as their experience in the field, financial background, franchise, and number of employees, feedback from the past customers are all important!

Good Network:

A mail forwarder that has good network and reliable agents at chosen ports is always desirable. This will ensure that you will have well informed information about the shipment at any given point of time.

Logistics Partners:

Go for the one that has an established reputation for maintaining best the logistics partners like DHL or US Postal Service. Such good couriers will keep you informed about the delivery status in a timely manner.

Check the reviews:

It is always a great idea to visit the forums on such package forwarders and read reviews posted by the users who have already hired their services. Go only for the best rated services.

Compare the shipping rates:

Each mail forwarding Service Company has its own shipping rate. Keep in mind that cheap prices cannot always assure the best services. Visit as many service provider websites as possible, compare their shipping rates to your country and opt for the one that has the best shipping experience in your location at a reasonable pricing.

Hidden charges:

There can be a lot of hidden charges such as the registration fees, VAT, customs clearance charges and many more. As mentioned earlier, each company has its own shipping rate and some companies do not include these hidden charges in their tariff. Some package forwarder like USGoBuy offers free services of repacking and consolidation, this will help you save extra. Hence, it is always good idea to speak to a customer service representative and find out if there are any concealed charges applicable. Ask for “all inclusive quotes” wherever possible.

Reliable customer service:

Always go for the mail forwarder that has reliable and easy to reach customer services. Since you can let them help in case any problem happens to your shopping or shipping. Good customer service will save you a lot of time and trouble.
With all the above mentioned points to check, I am sure you will find your best package forwarder. Happy online shopping!



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