Top 4 Money Saving Tips for International Shoppers

Shopping now really has no borders! So what things international customers should pay attention to while having best international shopping experience? Below are the 4 must-know tips for international shoppers who want to see more value for their money.


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Choose wisely and wait for discounts

We do international shopping mainly for 2 reasons: overseas retailers offer same products at cheaper prices or some items are not available in your local country. So in both cases, international shoppers should browse and check your needed products carefully. Never settle down just at the first glance. Always there are cheaper deals. Retailers do offer discounts or promotions for some events or holidays. So register their newsletters or reduction notice. Once you find the cheapest deals, it is the right time to order!


Choosing a package forwarder to save on shipping

Though overseas retailers like some online stores in USA do offer international shipping to many countries, but their shipping rate is too high to make your purchase worth it! So is there a better solution to avoid the high international shipping rate? Sure, package forwarding service is the way out. These package forwarders can offer volume discount for international shipping. Besides, they can also help with shopping service if your billing address or card is not accepted.

One more important thing is the package forwarders offer package consolidation services, which is beneficial for those who have multiple purchases from USA or retailers in other countries. The can put several of your packages into one. Without any doubt, this saves your money on international shipping cost!

As to the choice of package forwarder, you can do a research on Google, simply by searching “package forwarder from USA” or any other country.

Do use coupons


Another thing most shoppers forget is the coupon code. It is easy to get but save you a lot. For instance, if you are buying from Forever 21, just Google “Forever 21 coupons”. All the coupons available would be listed. Sure, you can also visit some coupons sides like RetailMeNot or


Know your country’s customs regulations on prohibited items


Last thing international shoppers often ignore is the customs regulation. This may cause a lot of trouble or taxes on your purchases. Do the homework to know whether your country allows you to ship items you purchase and whether there will be tariff or taxes added.

Above are the important tips you should bear in mind when do international shopping, by so doing you will have happy and money-saving international shopping experience!

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