Types of Courier Insurance

It is fully clear that there are 3 kinds of courier insurance:

public liability insurance, good-in-transit insurance, and 

vehicle insurance. Which are indirect and direct costs? 

Let us go through this single step at a time. Vehicle 

insurance is actually an indirect cost. It is cost that must 

be paid by your courier company us_go_buy 


in order to protect your assets.  You can include this 

to your overhead cost, which will eventually be part of 

cost reasons considered when determining the real cost

of delivery.  Some courier firms offer insurance as an 

optional service to their customers, permitting them to 

select insure or not to insure their delivered items when

they sign the delivery papers.  This way, your customers 

are paying goods-in-transit directly insurance fees, and 

you will not have to spend a thing. Sure, public insurance 

liability is a direct cost as well, since it is guarding your interests.

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