USA package forwarding service – How to Get Free Gift From USGoBuy

If there is a gift activity, you can refer to the following steps to get a free gift from USGoBuy (USA package forwarding service)

Step 1  Registration

Register and login USGoBuy account, fill all related information.

step1-register USGoBuy(USA package forwarding service)


Step 2  Check Your Gift

Waiting for the page skips to “My Account” where you can check your membership details and US address.


Click “My Packages” and view your package which is the gift that you had got. You may check the size, picture and weight. Then click “Edit” to fill declaration details.

step2-Get a free gift

Step 3  Submit Shipment

Choose packages that you want to submit, if you choose multiple packages means you want to ship them out by repacking into one shipment. Then click “Fast Shipment”.

step3-1fast shipment

Edit and confirm details of packages. Then click “Continue”.

step3-2fast shipment2

Choose shipping address. (You can add a new address if there is no shipping address in your account)

step3-3add address

Choose courier as you like.

step3-4shipping methods

Choose additional requirements or leave remarks. You also can skip this step if there is no other requirements.


Choose payment way. You can use coupon or promotion code if you have one. Then complete payment after confirmation.


Step 4  Sign for Parcel

Waiting to sign for your parcels.

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