USGoBuy now has a new warehouse address

USGoBuy has changed our warehouse address, but it is still in Portland, which ensures tax free opportunities for our international customers!

Old Address   6600 NE 78th Ct,B4 Portland, OR 97218

New Address  14121 NE Airport Way,Portland, OR 97230

Why we change our warehouse address

The only goal of USGoBuy is to help international shoppers buy from USA online stores and find cheapest international shipping to their home. We accept varied payment methods to make it convenient to pay. However, this has been taken advantage of by credit card fraud activities. Though there are only few cases about this, it does influence the package delivery to our addresses. Our lawyer has acted quickly to this situation and let the truth be told to the public.

Such credit card fraud activities brough withholding of packages to our address, and there are also new packages coming in. So we have made a decision to move to a new warehouse to restore the smooth package delivery to USGoBuy.

Don’t worry about your packages delivery to the old address

If you have packages withheld by US Postal Service, you just need to fill out a Form 1583, and authorizes USGoBuy to deliver and receive your packages in US. Get more info on Form 1583.

Don’t worry if you have packages stored in our warehouse, we have moved all to our new warehouse and all your packages being delivered to the old address will be forwarded to our new address! Actually we have updated your US address in your account! Log in now to take a look!

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