What are the differences between package forwarding service and mail forwarding service?

With the popularity of online shopping, especially international shopping, a term is becoming more and more popular among international shoppers. And that term is package forwarding! This is a new term when compared with mail forwarding! While mail forwarding service and package forwarding service might sound like the same thing, there are detailed differences between package forwarding and mail forwarding. In this article, we will explore the differences between these two terms!


What is Mail Forwarding Service

Mail forwarding allows people to have their mail held, bundled up, and then shipped all at once weekly or monthly so that bills and other important articles of mail don’t go missed. This pertains to letters, magazines, bills, postcards, and other things of that sort. Mail forwarding can also apply to those who have made a change of address where mail will be forwarded to the new address. Mail forwarding is also commonly referred to as virtual post office box services or hybrid mail. Customers can inform how they want, when they want, and where they want their mail forwarded.

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What is Package Forwarding Service

Unlike mail forwarding service, package forwarding service deals with parcels instead of the previously described mail. Parcel forwarding service gives international shoppers (in most cases, non-US shoppers) the ability to shop at any international store such as from US retailers and have their orders shipped to their home address outside US. Package forwarding service even makes it possible for international shoppers to receive orders from online stores who don’t provide international shipping, or save more money if the international shipping retailers provide is too expensive. While package forwarding tends to be cheaper, it’s still just as reliable. With package forwarders, international shoppers get an United States address that allows them to shop at US stores; When your order arrives at the US address, you’ll receive a notification, and then can have your packages shipped to your international address. Shipping can be done one package at a time or combined into one shipment to reduce shipping costs.


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Now that’s the difference between package forwarding and mail forwarding, while they both ultimately forward someone’s mail to them by redirecting it from one address to another.

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