Everything You Need to Know About USPS Form 1583

What is USPS Form 1583 and why it is required

Many frequent international shoppers use a US package forwarding service like USGoBuy to facilitate their USA online shopping. This package forwarding service is named as Commercial Mail Receiving Agency or CNRA in short form. And the international shoppers are the addressees in this case. However, US Postal Service require both parties to send and receive parcels according the rules and laws of USA by filling in the USPS Form 1583. This Form 1583 is aimed to ensure safe and proper delivery of any packages that CMRA is shipping or receiving. This form verifies the physical address and identification of both parties.

This is a picture of USPS Form 1583 and how a Form 1583 looks like:

US Postal Service Form 1583

Download a clean Form 1583

How to fill in the USPS form 1583

USPS Form 1583 is not that complex and only takes a few minutes to fill out.We will discuss in details on what each box on this Form 1583 means and how to fill Form 1583!

instructions on how to fill a US Postal Form 1583

Box 1 is simply the current date and is located at the top of the page. In box 2, list the names that will be on your packages as they are delivered to our warehouse. Be sure to use your legal name, exactly as it appears on your identification, on all of your paperwork and orders. Any variation in names will result in the delay and possible refusal of delivery.Box 3 is your US address with USGoBuy, don’t forget to include your unique suite number of address! In box 4, you will list the name of our package forwarding service and the address of our warehouse.

Sign your name in box 5 to authorize delivery and forwarding of your packages through USGoBuy. Print your name and your current address in boxes 6 and 7, and list the two types of identification you are providing in box 8. At least one of your forms of identification must be a non-expired, government issued picture ID. All the rest boxes are required for business firms or corporations instead of individuals, so we will not cover them in our discussion here. Finally sign your name in box 16. Then all is done regarding the US Postal Service 1583!

Notarize your Form 1583 and send it to your CMRA

Scan your two forms of identification and send it to us. Spouses only need to fill out one form and simply include dissimilar information in the same box. Each spouse will be required to provide two forms of identification.

The form must be notarized. Upon completion simply scan the document and forward it to us before sending the physical copy to the following address:

Lei Guo

3439 NE SANDY BLVD # 3750


Your personal information is always kept confidential and you can rest assured that your packages will be delivered properly with USGoBuy through US Postal Service in the future.

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