Which USA package forwarder offers the lowest international shipping rate?

A common question most international shoppers ask when finding a suitable package forwarding service is “which package forwarder offers the lowest international shipping rate”. That is really a big concern for those who are planning to use package forwarding service for their international shopping. However, this is never the whole picture. In other words, even if you find the cheapest shipping rate from USA to your country, there is no guarantee you will save money on your total package forwarding service!

Shipping rate is not the whole picture when chooing best USA package forwarder

Actually it is not difficult to find a USA package forwarder who seems to offer the lower shipping rates, since these package forwarders all have a shipping cost calculator on their website. Below are the shipping cost calculator of the top 5 package forwarders from USA.


MyUS shipping cost calculator: http://www.myus.com/en/international-shipping-rates/
Viabox shipping cost calculator: https://www.viabox.com/calculator
Shipito shipping cost calculator: http://calculator.shipito.com/en/#/
USGoBuy shipping cost calculator: http://www.usgobuy.com/en/shipping-cost-calculator.html
BongoUS shipping cost calculator: https://bongous.com/shipping-rates/


shipping cost calculator


Shoppers can easily compare the shipping cost from USA to their country. Here I would not calculate the shipping fee, anyone concerned on this could try with the above shipping cost calculators.


Actually what I am trying to say is you should never settle down and choose a package forwarder simply by comparing the shipping cost to your country. There are a lot more aspects to compare!


The check list includes but not limited to the following:

Registration fee/membership fee

Indeed, some package forwarders charge registration fees or membership fees in order to use their package forwarding service. This actually does not sound reasonable for me at least! Sure there are package forwarders who charges zero fees for registration, USGoBuy is one of them. It is best to avoid those who charge registration or membership fees.

Repacking fees/consolidation fees

Never overlook this part, since it is possible you have placed multiple orders from different USA retailers. So these packages come to your package forwarder separately. In such a case, you definitely need repacking or consolidation service to put all packages into one and save on international shipping cost. For repacking or consolidation service, you may be asked to pay a large amount of money. But you can get that service for free if you choose USGoBuy. Without any doubt, this will help you save extra!

Personal shopper service

You may need this kind of service when you find that your credit card or billing address is not accepted by the retailer, that means you cannot check out! The only way out is to ask the package forwarder to order on your behalf. This is the personal shopper service, which will charge you more besides the shipping cost. So make it clear what percentage the package forwarder charges for your order amount.

Package storage fee

You may have to store your packages at the package forwarder’s warehouse for some time, for you are traveling out or you have to wait for other purchases to arrive. Meanwhile you have to ask the package forwarder to store your purchases for a while. Some package forwarders like USGoBuy would do this for you with zero charges and without time limit. However some package forwarders may charge the storage fee by day or month.

How to choose the best package forwarder to save your money!

Actually I can add more to the check list, but these are the most important points to note when you choose a package forwarder. Look further than the low shipping cost, since that is only one part of your total costs on package forwarding service.

My advise is take your time and know your own shopping needs, then go to the package forwarder customer service and ask about every possibility you may have when using their services. Then add that total possible expenses up, and check you spend the least with which package forwarder. Without doubt, that package forwarder is your best choice!


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