Your USGoBuy Account

What does the Basic, Silver, Gold, and Diamond status mean?

When you registered USGoBuy, your initial membership level is Basic, this means that you have get our basic price and service, if you want to become a higher level of membership, you should submit more shipment. For more information, click here.

For different levels, shipping costs will also be reduced. As every USGoBuy customer knows, shipping costs of USGoBuy are generally lower than other companies. High level members enjoy the price is lower, and part of the service is only open to high level members.

Note that only you receipt your packages we will record your level, you will see this button when your package is sent out.

If you feel that you have a large number of packages you need ship out, you can contact, we will help you quickly solve the shipping problems to improve the level of membership.

Additional USGoBuy locations
Ship for Me service has only one receiving address. If you choose the Buy for Me service, we will use the private address to buy items for you, this will greatly reduce the probability of store closed your orders.


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