Third-Party Shipping: The Ins and Outs

Third-Party Shipping: The Ins and Outs

When doing online shopping, the internet rabbit hole can often lead you to stores outside of your country. You may be looking for something specific that’s only available in a foreign land or you could simply have stumbled upon the perfect gift on a site operating outside of your home nation.

Going international is a great way of increasing your options for purchases, but with the added variety also comes an increased shipping rate. If you’re buying multiple items from various vendors, the shipping costs can skyrocket quickly, making the purchases seem less worthwhile or simply unviable.

Enter third-party shipping. Using a third-party shipping company, you can lower the overall costs of your online shopping spree and increase the convenience of the delivery. We’ve put together this article to explain how it works and why it could be a great choice for your next internet purchasing party.

The Issue of International Shipping Rates

Since the pandemic, international shipping rates have gone through the roof. Due to a variety of issues, including but not limited to increased prices for containers and growing demand for online deliveries, shipping costs are approaching an all-time high all over the world, which is even beginning to have an effect on inflation(INSERT LINK TO INFLATION BLOG).

The increased rate of shipping is even causing the costs of many products to increase, meaning that making international purchases can cost a lot more than it seems. With third-party shipping, you can minimize the costs of multiple international purchases effectively.

What Is Third-Party Shipping?

Third-party shipping is literally the act of having something shipped domestically before it’s finally delivered overseas to you. This may seem like a waste of time and resources, but in reality, it could be the way that you find the cheapest international shipping rate for your purchases.

How Does Third-Party Shipping Work?

In more detail, the process of third-party shipping involves collating purchases in a domestic warehouse or holding facility, before consolidating them into smaller, more space (and cost) efficient packages and sending them on their way. By enacting this process, you can cut the international delivery costs associated with each and every product bought, and pay a lump sum based on weight and package size once the new packages have been put together.

To make the most of third-party shipping it makes sense to use a service when you’re buying a fair amount of goods from different vendors, as that will cut the most potential shipping fees. In a world where cheap freight shipping is starting to sound like a fairy tale, you have to save where you can.

At USGoBuy we offer a third-party service through our Ship For You and Buy For You systems. Either through buying items yourself, or allowing us to purchase them for you based on lists, you can transport goods to one of our holding warehouses. This is where we will consolidate and repackage items, before shipping them in mass directly to your door.

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