How to Save Money on Cosmetics

Online shopping in the U.S. is very advanced. All major shopping malls have online shopping sites.
Therefore, the products in the mall and the website can be synchronized and the sales can be synchronized as well.
Moreover, when you buy cosmetics in the US, it is cheapest to buy local brands using US resellers.

1、What are the best deals for buying cosmetics in the US?

Discount brands include:
  1. Clinique, Estee Lauder, Chelsea, BENEFIT, Pinewood Manifesto, etc. Sometimes 50% off.
  2. CHANEL, Lancôme, DIOR, Clarins, L’Occitane, Guerlain, and other brands,  is about 70% to 80% off the domestic price.

2、Where to buy discount cosmetics?

Cosmetics discount sites:
1. medical, all-natural cosmetics are recommended to go to the United States to buy SEPHORA. This site has the most complete range of cosmetic brands, including many high-end brands. Even PAUL & JOE, FRESH can be bought, the U.S. price of this brand is also very cheap.
2. Macy’s cosmetics are also very good, the brand is more complete, and the activities and discounts are more. There are also the more civilian strawberry network, ULTA, etc.

3. How do I ship cosmetics from the US to my home?

 GET USA Address to Shop

1.Get Free US Address

2. You buy online in USA

3.Submit a shipping Order

Note: If you can’t do the 2nd step yourself, you can use