How To Shop Internationally For Less

How To Shop Internationally For Less

Many products available from international sellers may seem like a great deal, however shipping costs can leave you paying more in total than you would be for locally purchased products.

International online shopping has many advantages, such as the abundance of unique, affordable products available, but many buyers tend to avoid doing so as a result of the high shipping costs.

Don’t miss out on great deals due to shipping costs – USGoBuy has found the solution!

Cheap International Package Shipping Options

As a package forwarding service, we buy a range of amazing products from US sites such as Forever 21, Nike and Apple before shipping right to your doorstep!

Having served over 400,000 customers from 200+ countries, our service helps people from all over the world access US stores while avoiding the high shipping fees that come with buying directly from the seller.

So how does it all work? The process couldn’t be more simple. All you have to do is register with us to receive your US address with a unique mailbox number. After that, you’re free to buy all of your favorite products from thousands of online retailers in the US including Amazon, eBay and BestBuy.

Enter your assigned US address at checkout, and enjoy everything the US market has to offer without costly shipping fees!

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