Return and Refund Policy

Return and Refund Policy

For BuyForMe item:

 1. Free cancellation available before your item is purchased, or your orders are canceled by the merchant. 

 2. After your items are purchased and the orders are being processed by the seller,  you will get refunded the items fee and the domestic shipping fee (if any),  but please note your service fee won’t be refunded.

3. When the orders are processed by the seller and cannot be changed or canceled anymore, you need to wait until the items delivered, then contact us to return for you. You are required to pay $10/per package as return fee, the domestic shipping fee (if any) and the service fee.

4. Return or exchange is not supported after your parcel is offered in your country.

Note:Most of US merchants support return or exchange only within 30 days, so return may be unavailable 30 days after the purchasing.

For more information about return on BuyForMe items, please email to

For ShipForMe item: 

1. With a pre-paid shipping label(electronic or paper), you will be charged $10 for each parcel.

Please email the original tracking number of the parcel and the shipping label, or live-chat with us. We will return the parcels within 1 business day.

2. Without pre-paid shipping labels, you can return your parcel to the sender via our ShipForMe service. All you need to pay is the domestic shipping fee.