Some Precious Gifts

In every important holiday, we need to send gifts to important people. 
If you will gift-giving skills, your relationship can be heated up. But ah, the gift of what to send is a big problem for many people.

I am going to prepare this list of gifts for you, I hope it can bring you some small help.

PS5 - $549.00


“great buy. 100 % recommend
i received mine in perfect condition in less than a week. I was trying to buy one for my son 2 years ago and couldn’t. im do happy I found this deal. And the packing was awesome. I saw many people complaining about the bad packing. Mine was just perfect.”


Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone - $99.99

“Picked up the Backbone One PlayStation controller to play my PS5 games remotely and so far am pleasantly surprised with how well it works. The controls are smooth and handles are relatively ergonomic making the controller very comfortable to hold and game with. It doesn’t feel cheap or low quality. Definitely the kind of controller PS could attach it’s name to. Only drawback is it’s missing a home “PS” button so you have to touch the screen to hit that button when using the PS Remote App for games but it’s not a deal breaker. Also I wish the games would use the full screen of my iPhone X but I think this is a separate PS app issue. Overall, highly recommend this controller!”


Microsoft Xbox One S 1Tb Console - $435.53

“When I was picking which one I click used like new this doesn’t look like used like new this looks use good maybe less it’s bit dirty i don’t what what this stuff is it didn’t come with batteries for it so I don’t know if it works I bought battery pack for 26 dollars and don’t even know if it turns on I don’t have batteries either also took a while almost a week to get it now for a refund is Not available because I was supposed to get it from the 10th to the 14th didn’t get it til the 15th I order this on the 8th of June 2022 now I have to clean this red stuff and hope to god it works great wrapping was good I give you that definitely 2 layers of bible wrap and pink styrofoam thingy I was just hoping it would be used like new not used good or bad”


Gskyer Telescopio - $89.99

“I got this for my girlfriend for her birthday. She is really into astronomy and constellations, stars, etc. I wanted a ‘starter’ telescope, but most of the models seemed like they were for little kids. This one, however, completely matched all of my expectations. It has different lenses, an easy tripod mount, and a digital display!! Great for starry nights.”


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